Monday, January 17, 2011

My Latest Wish List

Hello, girls, hope you all enjoyed a lovely weekend. Did anyone do anything fun or buy anything fabulous?

I am fortunate enough to have a job that gives us MLK Day off, so I am vegging at home today!:) Gotta love these three-day weekends!!! I'm already counting down until the next one, LOL.

Well, I haven't been overly "wowed" by most of the newer items the stores have been introducing these days. Good for my wallet, I suppose, but boring for a fashion blogger who gleans inspiration from the beautiful pops of color, luxurious, silky fabrics, sleek designs, and intricate details that tend to bombard us at every turn as we march closer toward those sunny, warmer days. I'm hoping that this is just an "off" point in the year, and that things will improve greatly as the stores turn their attention to spring and summer items. I hope so, as I'm starting to feel seriously uninspired.

There are a few items that have caught my eye recently, though. Two are from Anthropologie, one is from The Limited, and the last is a great vintage piece that I came across by accident.

First up is the gorgeous little Femme Trench Jacket from Elevenses. I do not remember seeing this online before, so maybe it just popped up today, but it is GORGEOUS! Featuring a neutral shade and loads of pretty details, this would be the perfect topper to any spring outfit. I adore the cascading ruffles down the front and the adorable little buttons on the pockets and shoulders. Even the back of this beauty has amazing attention to detail.

Next up, I'm loving this brilliant blue Gathering Blossoms Top by Edme & Esyllte. The color is simply gorgeous and this would look so lovely paired with a crisp white skirt or slacks. It's pretty pricey at $118, but I would definitely get this on sale.

This next little gem was first introduced to me by the lovely Kim of Anthroholic. In my opinion, a girl can never possess too many polka dot dresses, and this one is just adorable! It's from The Limited, of all places, which is a store that I've ignored for the better part of a decade.

It appears kind of short in the product shot, but after seeing it reviewed on Kim's blog, it's much more modest in length when not showcased on a 6 foot tall model.;) You could pair this with a sweet little cardigan and tights to winterize the look, or toughen up the girliness with a cropped leather jacket. Any way you wear this, it's super cute!

Printed Dot Strapless Dress
from The Limited

Last up is this ADORABLE little vintage mini-coat that I found randomly online. I just love the gorgeous camel shade, and the fit and details on this are lovely. I WANT!!!

Well, that about wraps things up for now, but I hope everyone enjoyed my latest picks. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaack!

Good morning, girls, and a belated Happy New Year to everyone! Pretty bad that this is my first post of 2011, but I really struggled getting back into the swing of things after the holiday whirlwind. That, and the freezing cold weather here in NYC does not make this girl feel especially motivated!:)

Well, now that we've entered January and are one month closer to spring, I finally feel that I can realistically start looking at some of these new little dresses that are popping up all over the place. I especially love this blue and green dress from Anthropologie, and can't wait to make it mine one day very soon! Sure, I won't be wearing it for about 5 months, but I can look ahead to the warmer weather and dream.

I already know that this is going to fit me well, because it's basically a copy of last summer's "Twinkle Twinkle" dress that I tried on months back. I passed on that version because the print was a little too whimsical for my taste, but this new version is perfect. Green polka dots on a beautiful blue background? Sign me up!

Take Action Dress by Girls from Savoy - $168

Here is the Twinkle Twinkle Dress from last year. I just couldn't deal with the stars.

I also did some post-Christmas shopping over at Bloomingdale's and scored an amazing deal on a Mackage coat! After trying on several styles at the Soho store, I fell in love with the Brenda coat in the off white shade, but they were completely sold out in most sizes across the country. I was so sad, but lo and behold, Bloomingdale's had ONE left and it was my size...for about $150 less. I can't find a decent shot of the light color version online, so I've attached the black one so everyone can see what this looks like. It's gorgeous and the quality is amazing! I just love the collar, too.

Mackage Brenda Coat - This is the black version, but I bought it in off white.

I also bought a beautiful Cynthia Steffe sweater dress at 40% off. It is such a sexy little dress, and I promise to post pics as soon as I wear it!

Hope you're all enjoying 2011 thus far, and I'll be back shortly to show off my latest purchases. Have a terrific weekend!