Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dreaming in Green

Hello there, my lovely readers! I hope you've all enjoyed a fun-filled, relaxing weekend! Just dropping in to share with you another beautiful item that really tickles my fancy.:)

Voila, the Grasshopper Pie Dress @

Isn't this little number just darling? I love the retro feel of the design, from the sweetheart neckline to the cute little button details, and the adorable flared hem of the skirt. I must own this dress! Such an unusual, almost citrus shade of green, too!

Unfortunately, it's currently sold out in my size (appears to run very small, so I'm being wise and sizing up in this one), but I am ever so hopeful that ModCloth will restock this beauty quickly. The designer isn't listed, but it's very similar to the style of dresses crafted by Stop Staring. If anyone knows where else I can find this dress in a medium, I'd be very grateful for your tip!

Enjoy the rest of the evening!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Readers' Choice

Hello out there to all of you lovely ladies! Hope you're enjoying a great start to the weekend. The weather is fabulous here in NYC. I'm about to head out to enjoy this last little slice of heavenly summer-like weather that we've been experiencing.

As I look toward fall and the colder months that loom ahead, I've been trying to find a great coat to add to my arsenal of fall/winter weather gear. Keep in mind that I already own more jackets and coats than I can count, in all colors of the rainbow, but that won't stop me from bringing home yet another one this season!!

I stumbled upon a Canadian line of outwear by Soia & Kyo, and they make some seriously gorgeous coats! I was actually tipped off to this brand by a stranger on the streets in Manhattan. She was wearing the most beautiful, amazingly tailored coat I'd seen in awhile, so I stopped to inquire as to where she bought this beauty. That's when I was introduced to this wonderful line of coats, which many of you are probably quite familiar with already, and I've fallen in love with the Violet Belted Coat, which comes in off white, blue, black and red. Since I already own black and red wool coats, I've been debating in my mind whether I should get this in blue or off, I need your help, readers!!!

Love the huge collar and the asymmetrical zipper adds visual interest to the front of the coat.

This coat is all about beautiful touches and details. Look at the back of this baby!

Which one should I get?? Both are beautiful, and I truly can't decide! HELP ME!:)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Plea to my Anthropologie Lovin' Peeps!!!

Hey ladies, hope your week is going well!! My God, is it really only Tuesday, LOL????? Just briefly dropping in to say hello and to hopefully get your assistance in locating a long sought after Anthropologie item!

Girls, if any of you know where I can find this or have a size 2 that you'd like to sell, I'd be very happy to pay a pretty penny for your product.:) Please email me at with any info. I've scoured Ebay, but can't ever seem to find it.

Pearl Overcoat by Elevenses - Size 2 Desperately Needed:)

Yes, dolls, the coat obsession continues. I can never have too many, so I need your help!

Have a great night!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall Fashion Wish List - Lustworthy New Items

Hello out there, lovely ladies! I hope you're all enjoying a wonderful Sunday afternoon! Sorry I've been M.I.A. this week, but I came down with the dreaded late summer cold that kind of knocked me out. I'm back, though, and as always, I can't wait to share with you some more fabulous fall fashion and accessories!

When I was ill, I didn't really have the energy to come up with a blog post, but that sure didn't stop me from browsing the web in search of more goodies to add to my Wish List. Now, not saying I'm going to be buying all of these items, but they sure are tempting my wallet in a big way! These are a mixture of gorgeous pieces that I pulled from and, plus a random item here and there.

Harvest Time Coat by Nick & Mo

Big City Blues Coat by BB Dakota

Soia & Kyo Violet Belted Coat

Vince Camuto Rose Garden Satchel

Unfortunately, my link to this next bag is missing and I don't recall the brand.

Coach Kristin Leather Satchel

Coach Kristin Leather Pleated Satchel

As you girls can see, it's all about the coats and bags for me this fall! See anything that catches your eye?

Have a fabulous day!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back with more Anthropologie Reviews!

Hello out there to all of my lovely readers! I hope you're enjoying a wonderful weekend. I'm finally back with some Anthropologie fitting room reviews, and I'm quite pleased with some of the items that I tried on. In fact, some of them will be coming home with me at the end of this month when I get paid!:)

Ever since I saw the September catalog, I have been lusting after the gorgeous Ruffled Plaid Dress by Floreat. Despite very mixed reviews in the blogosphere, I was determined to give it a whirl, and I am so glad that I did, because I LOVE it! I grabbed a 0 and a 2, since Floreat tends to cut very narrow through the hips, but found that the 0 was the perfect fit (surprisingly). The skirt portion fit well in the 2, but the top was HUGE and the armpit area was gaping several inches away from my body.

Unlike a lot of bloggers, I had absolutely zero issues with the itchiness factor. My skin just isn't that sensitive, I guess, and I wasn't even slightly uncomfortable. The fabric quality may not be amazing on this garment, but the overall look is beautiful. Even with my big booty, I could comfortable walk in this, too! The only thing I plan to do that, in my opinion, will greatly improve the line of the dress is to sew down some of the ruffles on top, as they project several inches away from the bustline and give it a rather strange look when viewing from the side. Other than that, I adore everything about it and can't wait to buy it!

After being tipped off by another blogger, I decided to scope out a "mystery dress" that is appearing in some of the NYC Anthro stores. Hasn't landed a spot on the website yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time. It's from Twinkle By Wenlan, and at $298, it carries a pretty steep price tag, but it is a gorgeous piece! For reference, I tried on the size 0, which fit like a dream. These photos do not do it justice, as the lighting is very poor in the fitting room. The top is cut in a kimono style, featuring the most gorgeous cream silk, and the bottom is a beautiful chartreuse (yellow/green) shade that is not being captured in these shots. There's a black tie that you can either wrap around the waist or tie in the back, depending on which look you prefer.

The skirt is pretty poofy, so I can see how some may feel it accentuates hips/thighs/backside areas, but I absolutely loved the look of this! It is such a beautifully crafted dress, and while I can't justify $300 for it, it will be mine once it hits the sales racks!

As a side note, I REALLY wish Anthro would start steaming their garments before putting them out on the floor! I think it's ridiculous to charge $150-$300 for a dress that looks like it was run over by a bus! Really detracts from the look of things one is trying on.

Next, I grabbed this rather strange looking dress on a whim, simply because the green color was so gorgeous. As for the dress, well, eh...not so much. Pretty much a disaster, if you ask me! I didn't even get the designer of this one, probably because I thought it looked so ridiculous once I put it on! Seriously, the corset look on the bodice was smashing my boobs in the most unattractive way, and it looked like some reject costume from an 80's music video, in my humble opinion. Pass, pass, pass!!!!!

Taking a break from the dresses, I've been dying to get a look-see at Deletta's Loosely Looped Tee. I was hoping to scope out the "purple" version in an XS (which is actually closer to a pink shade than a purple, but I digress), but the store didn't have my size, so I tried on the grey version instead.

I absolutely adore the look and design of this top, but I have some serious issues with the flimsy material and quality! Seriously, the fabric was paper-thin! You could see the lines of my bra, so one would definitely need a cami/tank underneath (unless you enjoy showing your underwear to the world). Come on, this piece is nearly $60! Now, it may not be haute couture, but I sure do not consider that CHEAP for a t-shirt, so what the hell is up with the Forever 21 quality of the fabric? Why is Anthro chintzing out lately on their fabric choices? I would honestly rather pay a little more and not have to LAYER under even the most basic t-shirt/blouse that they sell. It's a shame, as they had so many cute summer tees that I passed on due to this very same issue. Okay, rant over!

Well, that about wraps up my latest round of reviews! Hope you enjoyed them! Let me know what you think!

I'll end this post with a quick little plug for an amazing Etsy jewelry designer that I recently made a purchase from! Her store is called Adornments by Wendi Cupp and she creates really beautiful, unique pieces at super affordable prices. Notice the gorgeous necklace in the photos below? Only $20 and I receive compliments left and right when I wear it. You ladies should check out her store!

Well, that's all I've got for now. Have a wonderful, relaxing Sunday afternoon!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

We Will Never Forget.

Photo by QT Luong/

Photo courtesy of Google Images. Photographer Not Listed.

As a New Yorker, I am profoundly affected by the horror of this day nine years ago. The mere mention of 9/11 immediately conjures up images of exactly where I was and what I was doing on that crystal clear September morning when our world changed forever.

On this 9th Anniversary Day, I'm deviating from the usual frivolity of fashion posting to reflect on how things have changed, and to remember all of those who were lost.

We Will Never Forget.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Natural Beauty

Hi girls, hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing long Labor Day weekend! I had such a beautiful weekend! Our weather here in NYC was just breezes, incredible, crystal clear blue skies, and beautiful sunshine. Couldn't have asked for anything better.

I tried to spend as much time as I could enjoying the waning days of summer and the great outdoors. Yes, that's right, even though I teeter around in stilettos and pretty dresses constantly, I love the outdoors and have an amazing appreciation and respect for nature.

One of my favorite activities is to head to a local park or garden and capture amazing photos of the beautiful flowers, trees and plants that decorate the landscape. On Sunday, the boyfriend and I headed out to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and had ourselves a great ol' time. I thought I'd deviate from my usual fashion ramblings and share a few photos from that day. Check them out below! After all, NYC isn't just a concrete jungle!

I was so taken by the contrast of the brilliant blue sky against the vibrant green of the treetops...

Here's a random shot of a really cool water plant. Not really sure what it is, actually, but I was so taken with the interesting shapes. The geometry in nature is spectacular!

Below is a close-up of a beautiful pink flower...

This canopy of trees made me feel as though I was walking through a forest. It kept me cool and shaded from the super bright sunlight, as well.

Here's a nice shot of the beautiful little pond and Japanese garden...

The day ended with a dramatic sunset. I literally dove for my camera to capture the beauty of the fiery orange and cool violet hues that streaked the sky outside my window...

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my little photo collection. It's nice to take a breather from the one-track mind of fashion every now and then, LOL. For any folks planning a trip to NYC, if your weather is nice, I HIGHLY recommend a day trip out to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in between your shopping and dining excursions! You can check out their website at

I'll be back soon to discuss more great fall fashion!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Ready For Fall and a Pretty New Dress

Happy Labor Day Weekend, readers! To all of my girls in the US, you know that this means a fabulous long weekend and a day off of work on Monday. My job has been so exhausting and stressful lately, so I definitely need a little R&R to recharge my batteries.

Labor Day also signals the turning point from summer into fall in my mind...That's right, ladies, I am seriously on the hunt for boots, coats, sweaters, etc. I loved my airy summer dresses, but I'm ready to change things up just a bit.

Of course, I have about 100 items in my shopping cart over on the Anthropologie site. Can't buy any of them at the moment, but by month's end, I plan to own a whole new batch of beauties. I'm also trying to branch out and pick up a few things from other stores, as well.

Speaking of branching out, I was checking out Tracy Reese's Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear line and came across a gorgeous dress that I just HAD to pre-order. Featuring a beautiful burnout pattern, it's made of an amazing, eye-popping shade of sky blue and tan jersey fabric. It looks so cute and comfortable! It seems to be the fall version of the Speckled Ink Dress (carried at Anthro this past Spring) by Tracy Reese that so many of us tried on and loved.

It should be shipping out in another week, and I'm so excited!:) I wish I had better pics to post, but it sold out rather quickly from the Tracy Reese website and I haven't been able to find any better shots online. The neckline is hidden by the scarf that accessorizes the dress on the runway, but the cut of the dress is identical to the black version shown below.

See how similar it appears to the Speckled Ink Dress design?

Have a terrific night everyone!