Friday, April 30, 2010

Fashion Advice Needed!

Hi guys, I'm back with a quick evening post. I feel as though I spend all my time obsessing over Anthropologie items. Sometimes it feels as though I forget that all other brands and designers exist. Well, tonight I decided to branch out a little and I headed over to another favorite site of mine, Tracy Reese.

I was immediately drawn to the gorgeous color and pattern of these two items, but ouch! The prices are insanely expensive and I thought I was on a budget???? Anyway, I MUST own one of these 2 items. The pattern is just to die for and the vibrant blue! I think this is my favorite shade in all of humanity. Truth be told, if I had a lot of money, they would both be coming home with me. So, readers, I need you to help me choose. Do I get another dress or do I purchase the lovely top? I would get great use out of both, so it's really a toss-up.

Placement Floral Smocked Blouse by Tracy Reese

Indigo Floral Jersey Dress by Tracy Reese

Let me know what you guys think! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dear Readers, I need to hit the Lotto...

Why, you ask???? Because yet again, I'm being taunted by the pretty, pretty new arrivals on Anthropologie's website! This week has brought one budget-buster after another. I'm seriously going to have to get a second job if I want to afford all these lovely things.;)

Lookie here, aren't these pretty?

I just LOVE and ADORE this first Island Holiday Dress by Moulinette Soeurs. The bold pattern and vibrant colors are really eye-catching and the belt is amazing! Now, I'm not sure how this one is going to work with my coloring, but at first glance, I'm in love.

This next one is super pretty, as well. It's called the Shifting Feathers Dress by C. Keer. The gray floral pattern is really lovely and feminine, and the fabric is so floaty and comfy- looking.

Next, I am seriously in love with Maeve's In a Twinkling Dress. How cute IS THIS??? I just adore the gilded golden dots sprinkled across the ivory fabric, not to mention the sweet neckline. The only drawback is that I feel like I already have a similar style dress with my recently purchased Beda Dress. What do you think, guys? Can I justify adding this one to my wardrobe????

I'll stop now with this beautiful navy creation from Burlapp, the Eyeleted Islands Dress. The ruffled bodice is oh-so-cute, and the skirt is just gorgeous with the embroidered eyelets adorning the fabric. At $158, it's pretty pricey for a cotton/silk blend summer dress, but it's one I may consider on sale.

I don't know how I'm going to restrain myself this month, and they keep adding more new items each day!!!

Well, readers, I'm off to enjoy a delicious Thai dinner with the boyfriend. Let me know about all the new purchases you're making!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cute New Items

Hi, darlings, how are you??? I've been a bad, bad blogger. I really meant to post something sooner, but this week has been insane and things just kind of got away from me. I've barely had time to scour Anthropologie's site for lovely new offerings!

Never fear, I'm back! Haven't had a chance to do more fitting room reviews, but I'm seeing more and more merchandise that I will NEED to review in person, and perhaps even add to my already WAY TOO FULL closet.:)

Here are some of the cuties that have caught my eye this week...I'll start with the lovely Fresh Current Dress by Girls From Savoy.

Like several other bloggers, I'm really attracted to the soft, lovely colors of this beautiful dress. The fit could be a little iffy, though...the style and neckline could be matronly, so I'll definitely need to try this one on before ordering.

Next up, I am just loving this gorgeous, vibrant turquoise
Windy Dunes Cardigan by Moth. This is perhaps my very favorite color on the planet. My eyes pop like crazy against this standout shade. If the fit is right, this one is definitely coming home with me.

I'm also strangely attracted to the Gilded Lily Skirt by Edme & Esyllte. I love the shimmery material and the feminine ruffles. I hope it's not too shiny and metallic in person, but this one appears to be quite lovely and would be a nice neutral shade for the summertime.

The cute little Lift-Off Jacket by Daughters of the Liberation has been around for awhile, but it's back in a lovely cream shade. My only concern is that it appears to be the type of fabric that would wrinkle easily, so I have to check on that in person. LOVE the flower detail and it would go perfectly over those flowy, feminine spring dresses.

Finally, this cute little dress popped up on the site yesterday...Floreat's gorgeous Subcontinent Dress. This one is so cute! I love the fiery color combo and the beaded belt. I saw this on another blogger and it was super flattering. As long as the skirt isn't too poofy, I definitely plan to snap this one up.

Well, lovelies, I hope you have a great rest of the week. Please let me know if you checked out any of the newer items. I can't wait to hit the stores when I get some time to breathe this weekend.:)

Friday, April 23, 2010

New Anthropologie Eye Candy

Hi everyone! Wow, another Friday night is here and another crazy work week is FINALLY over! I'm just kicking back and vegging out on my couch tonight. Nothing like a little R&R to gear up for some good times over the weekend. It's going to be a busy one for me, but I still hope to make it down to the new Anthropologie store that just opened in NYC. There are so many lovely new items that I can't wait to try on!

Here are a few of my latest faves...

Starting things off, we have the amazing Nexus Top by Deletta. This one is really "to die for," in my opinion. It's so feminine and simply gorgeous! I especially love the pink version...I think it'll be a nice contrast against my light hair and fair skin. The price is pretty good (for Anthropologie), as well, ringing in at $68. I'm a total sucker for rosettes and ruffles, and this one has oodles and oodles of goodness.:)

This next item is super cute, as well. It's Maeve's darling little Sweet Shoppe Dress and it reminds me of a strawberry cupcake!:) I just adore the candy-striped bodice and the pretty layers on the skirt. This one has the potential to be just a bit over-the-top "precious," though, so I'll definitely have to check this out in person before purchasing.

Up next is something different and a product that would normally not catch my attention...a tunic! Here we have the lovely Lissome Ruffles Tunic by Odille. I'm not one to wear tunics often, as I'm only 5'4" and they tend to make my legs look really short, but this one is so pretty! I love the ruffled details on the front and the amazing blue color. I could pair this with white pants for a cool, casual summer look. This one is definitely going on my Wish List.

What am I going to do, readers??? These new offerings are ruining my savings plans! I really need to try to curtail my spending big time, but I can't seem to stop myself!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I'll be hitting those fitting rooms, so be sure to check back soon for the latest and greatest (and not so great) reviews!:)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Boy, do I love my readers!!!

Hi everyone, how are you? Halfway through another crazy work week here...just a little bit more to go and then it's the weekend and play time!!:)

Ever since I started this little blog, I've been amazed at how many of you have reached out to me and tried to help me out in so many ways when it comes to locating must-have, need-it-now merchandise. Well, tonight is certainly no exception. Wanna know what I found and bought??

I'm super excited to have located a size 2 Organdy Tea Dress from Anthro's Spring 2005 collection! One of my fabulous readers, Emily, kindly sent me an email to let me know that she'd seen a new listing on Ebay. Better yet, it had a "Buy It Now" button, so I was able to snap that baby up immediately, and at a really great price! I am sooooo excited, dear readers...this dress is like the Holy Grail of Fashion to me, and I've been trying to find it for years!:) I can't wait to receive this in the mail and I'll be sure to model it for all of you.

I hope you're all having a great week and scoring some goodies from the latest Anthro sale!

Also, if any of you have had a chance to try on the Zehavale Chocolate Chip Dress or the Maeve Impressionist's Dream Dress, can you please let me know how these fit?????

Take care everyone!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gorgeous New Arrival!

Hi, lovely readers, how are you? Are you all enjoying some R&R away from work/school???

I am just LOVING nearly every new item that Anthropologie is introducing as part of their Spring Collection! I tell ya, they're killing me, though! Each month, I diligently sit down and map out an Excel spreadsheet of my new, lean and mean monthly budget, chart out all the money that I plan to save, and then POOF! All plans evaporate in a cloud of dust when I see something amazing that I want to buy! It's really sad, and I really need to exercise more willpower...;)

But, dear readers, how can I pass up lovely items such as this new offering below? Just look at this gorgeous new dress by Maeve, the Impressionist's Dream Dress.

Could the color combination be any more perfect? The silkscreen floral pattern is so beautiful, and truly looks like a wearable work of art. I am such a sucker for anything blue and green, so this one is just screaming my name. Can't wait to try it on and (hopefully) bring it home! As soon as this one hits my local store, I promise to do a fitting room review for you guys!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and let me know if any of you had a chance to try this one on yet!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Fitting Room Reviews!

Hi, my darling readers, hope your week is going well! Only a few more days until the weekend, thankfully!:)

Last Sunday, I finally had some time to head over to Anthropologie to try on some of the latest items. There were some nice surprises and some disappointments, all of which will be detailed in my reviews below.

Let's begin with Anna Sui's Rising Battenberg Dress. Oh, dear readers, this one had me swooning from the get-go. It practically leapt off the website and shouted out my name. I was so entranced by the gorgeous lace details and the unusual color combination. I have to be super honest with you guys, though. I was bitterly disappointed with this one, a shocker since it looked really nice on a few of the bloggers who also had a chance to try it on.

First of all, the fit was horrendous. I tried on a size 2 (and I can assure you, if I had plans to eat while wearing this dress, the 0 would have proven way too small), and it was incredibly unflattering. The entire top of the dress fit like a big, square box, and my small waistline nearly disappeared completely. The fluttery design of the skirt did not seem to gel with the top of the dress, either. Then, let's talk about the color...this dress was so shiny, it practically glowed against my skin, and the orange-hued ombre gradation at the bottom was almost garish.

I was incredibly disappointed. This had all the makings of the perfect dress, but to me, it was incredibly ill-fitting and almost gaudy. Gotta pass this one up!!!

See how boxy the bodice is?

The lace embroidery is very ornate, but left me feeling as though I had donned a doily!!!

Next up, I tried on the popular Rhomboid Rush Dress by Girls From Savoy. I started off with the size 2, but the armholes were absolutely huge and the stomach/backside puffed out big time, adding an extra 10-15 pounds to my frame. Switching over to the size zero, the fit was much sleeker and more tailored to the lines of my body, but again, what's with the huge armholes??? You'll notice in my pics below that I have several extra inches of fabric underneath my arm, just hanging there. Also, while the dress appeared to fit very well in the front, when I turned for a sideways view, I noticed the same puckering around the stomach and booty.

I cannot understand the fit on this dress, as it wasn't ME adding this extra bulk in front and back. I actually had plenty of room to breathe, even in the zero. I notice that the model on Anthro's site has this same issue, so it's just an ill-fitting dress. Too bad, because the color and pattern are really pretty and would flatter most skin tones.

Notice how huge the armholes are...this is a 0!!!

The fabric puckered up in the tummy and behind...very strange, bad fit on an otherwise pretty dress. No way for even the best tailor to nip and tuck this one to perfection.

I was really feeling super frustrated at this point, but it was on to Floreat's Knotted Poppies Dress. Oh, my goodness, how I just adore the gorgeous teal colors and amazing floral pattern on this dress. The shades are much more vibrant and beautiful in person. The website images do not do this one justice. It looked a little small, so I tried it on in size 2, which fit perfectly around the hips, but ran a bit large in the bust. Blue is definitely my favorite color, so I think I'll snap this one up and have my brilliant tailor adjust the top so it fits a bit more snugly.

Close-up of the gorgeous print and yellow sequin flower details.

Taking a break from simply trying on dresses, I was happy to try on the Curling Posies Cardi by Guinevere in the amazing robin's egg blue shade. I grabbed this in my usual XS and I love it!!! The color is so beautiful! My blue eyes were poppin' big time against this one!:) The fit was snug in the arms, but not so much that it would deter me from purchasing this. I can throw this on over tons of my spring/summer outfits for a perfect, lightweight coverup. I actually tried this one on over the white Beda dress and it was perfection!

A shot of the lovely Beda Dress, size 2. So pretty, but loose on top. Will be trying a size 0 next time!

Well, everyone, gotta get back to work over here, but I hope you enjoyed my reviews! I really try to be as honest as I can when reviewing a garment, so please don't be offended if I seemingly trash an item that you love and/or purchased. A lot of things just work better on other people.:)

Have a wonderful day and I'll be back soon to discuss more great fashion!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Amazing New Arrivals

Hi readers, how are you on this lovely Saturday afternoon? Can you believe all of the beautiful new arrivals that are tempting us over at Anthropologie??? My goodness, every time I browse the site, it seems like there is something even newer and more beautiful to blow my mind. I need to hit the lottery, like, right now, lol!

Here are some of my favorite new items. I'll start off with the lovely Chocolate Chip Dress by Zehavale. I mean, that name alone made me rush to get a closer look, and I was certainly not disappointed by what I saw. I love the cocoa and cream pattern, the adorable ruffled hemline, and the beautiful bow in the back. It's really sweet, feminine, and just plain lovely. Can't wait to try this on, so I hope my store gets this really soon!

Next up is an amazing little number (also by Zehavale) called the Hovering Dots Dress. I just love the contrast between the dark, speckled bodice and the flowing ivory and eyelet skirt. Now, this dress could potentially be beautiful on the body or a total disaster, depending on the fit, but it sure looks promising at first glance!

This next dress is earning rave reviews on many blogs, and I can certainly see why! It's the Rhomboid Rush Dress by Girls from Savoy. It looks adorable and the fit has been pretty darn amazing on almost every body type that's tried this on.

Another new addition is the pretty Spring Green version of the ever-popular Beda Dress by Maeve, which I have yet to try on. My goodness, is this one ever flying off the shelves and racking up the rave reviews on the website.

For my coloring, I actually prefer this bold green color to the white version, which would probably wash me out somewhat. Another cutie added to my Wish List!!

Last, I just love this dainty little eyelet creation by Floreat, the It's Your Move Skirt. The candy-colored speckles, the! This one is just too cute! I just bought an ivory-colored eyelet skirt, so I'm not sure I need yet another light-colored skirt in my closet, but this one is really, really tempting me! What do you think, readers?

Whew, my wallet (and my willpower) really can't take all this temptation! Maybe I'll see some of these goodies in the store this weekend! Have a great day everyone, and be sure to let me know if you see any of these items in person.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Latest Sale Score

Hi everyone, hope you all had a good day! Wow, tons and tons of great things went on sale over at Anthropologie! Bad timing for my wallet , because this is a big bill-paying time of the month.:(

However, I didn't walk away COMPLETELY empty-handed. Oh, no, readers, I've been stalking the Anna Sui Airy Eyelet Skirt for weeks on end. Now, paying $168 seemed just plain crazy, but at 50% off? Maybe only slightly less crazy, but I had to have it! It's so perfect for summer!

Just wanted to share my happiness with you. Did anyone else score anything amazing today?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Latest Lustworthy Item

Hi everyone, how are you? I hope your week kicked off to a good start. I always find myself in need of a little extra inspiration on Mondays, which leads me to hours of browsing online in search of gorgeous, lovely articles of clothing. Seeing a beautiful dress or adorable top always puts me in a great mood and gives me all sorts of new fashion ideas that I'd like to incorporate into my daily life.

One line that I really love is Leifsdottir, which is an insanely expensive brand (on my budget) carried at Anthropologie and a bunch of other higher-end department stores. They also recently launched their own online shopping site that you can check out here.

I just love all of the beautiful, feminine clothing, but the prices unfortunately limit my ability to purchase much by this brand. Here is one item that really caught my attention, though. It's the gorgeous Silk Cotillion Blouse, and Readers, this one is to die for, don't you think?

Look at the amazing detail along the shoulders and neckline!!!! Featuring a soft, silky fabric and soft, pale rose shade, this would look wonderful paired with a white, flowy skirt for a perfect, incredibly feminine spring/summer look. Ringing in at $228, this one is way too expensive for me at the moment, but I think I need to find a way to bring this home with me eventually!

Hope everyone is having a relaxing evening and I'll be back tomorrow to report on the new sale items at Anthropologie! I hope they have a better selection than last week!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Readers, I Need Your Advice!

Hello, my lovely readers, Happy Easter (if you celebrate this holiday)!!!! We are having an amazing day here in NYC. It's been absolutely perfect from start to finish, with crystal clear blue skies, golden sunlight, and unseasonably warm temperatures. The boyfriend and I enjoyed an amazing brunch before spending the afternoon strolling through Riverside Park and Central Park. I just love living in New York City!!!

I didn't get a chance to go over to Anthropologie this weekend (gasp!!!), but I'm hoping that one of you may have gotten a chance to try on this gorgeous blouse by Odille. It comes in a light green and sky blue shade, but I just have to go with the sky! You know how I love all shades of blue better than anything else.:) I'm so curious about the fit, though. I take 0's and 2's in Anthropologie items, but since I actually have decent-sized "girls," I would hate to size down in error. Has anyone gotten to try this on or even take this home?:)

If you have, please let me know! Have a great evening!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Work of Art

Hi guys, how are you? Hope everyone is having a fantastic start to their weekend! I'm looking out my window and it's a breathtakingly beautiful Spring morning in NYC! Everything feels so fresh and new!

I see that Anthropologie continues to add new items to their already amazing current lineup. This little top really caught my eye! The color is gorgeous and the print is just amazing! Note the adorable little sailboats. I really think this one looks like a painting!!! Can't wait to scout the stores and try it on.

Wild Imagination Tank by Rebekah Maysles

This also comes in a mustard yellow floral motif that is equally as cute.

The other top that really blew me away is the Lacey Lanes Tank by Little Blue Bird. The lilac and lace combo is just gorgeous. I just hope it doesn't run big and baggy. I'm very narrow from my shoulders through my waist, and some of the most beautiful Anthro tops have proven to be too large for me. Will definitely give it a try, though, as I adore all shades of lilac and lavender.

Okay, lovelies, hope you enjoy your day and please report back to me if you scored an amazing item!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Need These In My Life...

Hello readers, hope your week is going well! It's almost Friday...hooray! NYC is set to experience some amazing warm and sunny weather this weekend, so I can't wait to enjoy every moment of it!

Well, we all know that Anthropologie has once again outdone itself with the latest Spring catalog. Every time I visit the site or other blogs, the drooling begins all over again. So many things to choose from, yet so little money! LOL! I think I'd better start reading some of the budget blog posts to reign myself in.

That being said, I know that some of you bloggers have already done a wonderful recap of this week's new items, so I won't bore everyone to death by rehashing the same thing. I just want to share with all of you what particularly stood out to me. Some of these beauties are going to find a new home in my closet.:)

Hope you enjoy all the fabulous eye candy!