Sunday, February 28, 2010

eShakti: Fantastic New Fashion Review

Hi lovely readers, hope you're all enjoying what's left of the weekend! These days certainly fly by, don't they?

I wanted to share a wonderful store review with everyone! As you all know, I am absolutely obsessed with finding unique, gorgeous pieces that you won't find on everyone walking down the street. Yes, I do love my Anthropologie clothes, but I also try to shop at small boutiques, both online and all around New York City!

In an earlier post, I featured eShakti and the wonderful, custom-made products that they offer to ladies of all shapes and sizes! Ladies, this is truly an extraordinary online outlet!!! They offer the most beautiful clothes (if you like Anthropologie's style, then you'll enjoy eShakti, as well) and the prices are amazing! You can buy standard sizes or have your clothes tweaked to perfection by their's truly like having your own personal stylist on hand.

A couple of weeks ago, eShakti's marketing director came across this blog and contacted me directly about doing a product review. I chose a beautiful dress and now I can't wait to share the final product with all of you!

A drumroll, please...

The moment I stepped into this dress, I fell in love. The material is a soft, silky cotton sateen that looks and feels like silk. It drapes beautifully and is super comfortable on the body. I ordered the standard size 2, and the fit was perfection! The style has sort of a 1950's tea dress vibe. It's extremely classy and with the A-line shape, would be flattering on most body types.

Side shot of the dress...

Top/bodice portion of the dress...

Not only does the dress look great on the body, but the actual workmanship is beautiful. Check out the gorgeous details of the garment below.

This shot captures the wonderful brown/beige tones of the dress, sharply contrasted with the chocolate brown sash, and showcases the lovely pink embroidered flowers and spring green leaves that adorn the front of the skirt. I was really surprised to see the embroidery, because I assumed that the flowers and leaves were just part of the print.

Here's a closeup shot of the beautiful floral embroidery.

The tiered sash adds a lovely contrast to the beige tones of the dress.

Here I am, smiling from ear to ear. I adore this dress!! Thanks, eShakti!!

Well, readers, I hope that you enjoyed this latest review, and
be sure to head on over to and become a fan on Facebook.

Have a great evening!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews!!!

Hey, readers, hope you're all having a lovely weekend so far! As promised, I headed over to my local Anthropologie store for a fun-filled afternoon of trying on new dresses and tops, and I'm back to share my oh-so-honest opinion with you guys.

First up is the super-talked-about Tracy Reese Pictureshow Dress. Wow, guys, I'm not sure where to begin with this one, but it definitely had a LOT going on. First, the good stuff...the detailing was beautiful and the fit was pretty true to size.

However, with that being said, there was just way too much happening with this dress!!! I hated the top of this, as well. It doesn't mesh well at all with the intricate detailing on the fabric of the skirt. Also, I felt that the skirt itself was just too flouncy. I seriously had flashbacks of my first grade ballet recital tutu!!!!!

The real killer for me was the color of the dress, though...the neutral shade blended EXACTLY with my skin tone, making me look super washed out. I couldn't wait to put this one back on the rack!

The next item that I tried on is the brand-spanking-new Anna Sui Dewbud Tee. The color is the most gorgeous, amazing shade of turquoise blue and the detailing down the front is fantastic.

However, readers, I was so disappointed with the fit! I take a zero in Anthro tops, so I grabbed the XS version of this one and it was HUGE on me. The armholes gaped so much, I would definitely have needed a tank underneath this, and the waist was several inches too big on each side. I also wasn't crazy about the tunic length of this. Being that I'm only 5'4", I try to get items that hit me at my waist so my legs look as long as possible. Gonna have to pass on this one, as well. Too bad, it had great potential!

Next, I tried on the Two Paths Trench by Idra and I LOVE THIS!!!! Wow, so unexpected! Seeing the photo online, I wasn't completely sold, but I am now and can't wait to buy this when I get paid again! Everyone needs a great neutral trench for spring, and I just adore the tiered
hemline...very different and almost a vintage feel to this! I grabbed this in a 0 and a 2, and the 0 fit like a dream.

The next item that I tried on was the Caballo Falls Dress by Lil, and let me tell you, it is even prettier in person than the photo online. UNFORTUNATELY, my pics were extremely blurry and do NOT do this beautiful dress justice...but the colors are simply breathtaking in person, very vibrant shades of teal.

I needed a 2 in this dress, because the 0 felt a little tight in the ribcage, but I definitely plan to grab this one next payday, as well. Perfect for warm, sunny summer days with a tall Pina Colada by my side...

On a more casual note, I grabbed the sky blue version of C. Keer's Climbing Cowlneck jersey top. The drapey fabric is super comfortable and the color is pretty, but this one was way too sheer for my taste. I would definitely need a cami underneath this, and the material is so flimsy, it wouldn't look right at all.

Okay, guys, so we had some hits and misses here, but I always appreciate an honest review and hope you find my feedback helpful!!! Have a great rest of the weekend and I'll be back soon with even more reviews of fabulous items!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Friday and More Favorites From Anthropologie!

Hi readers, Happy Friday! Whew, am I glad that this work week is over! I had to trudge into my office in a raging snowstorm yet again, so I am very happy to be cozy and warm in my apartment right about now!

I promised more Anthropologie favorites from the new collection. Here are several items that I am totally lusting after. I swear, I really do need to hit the lottery, because my obsession grows more and more each day!

First up is the Silk Obi Blouse by Leifsdottir. As usual, the price is making my eyes hurt. Can't quite afford $200 for a top, but this one does have some very pretty details. I love the folds along the sleeves and the bright, cheery yellow floral motif. If this one goes on sale, I will give it serious consideration.

Next, we have Yoana Baraschi's Dewbud Tee. This is such a gorgeous little top! The turquoise color is amazing and I adore the applique detailing along the front. It's really unique and pretty, and at $88, one of the least expensive items you'll find at Anthropologie.

Up next is the Salitre Blouse by We Love Vera. This is simply adorable!!! The beautiful sunset shade streaked with white stripes is simply divine, all tied together with a big bow along the waist. So cute and would look fabulous paired with both jeans and skirts! The perfect summer top, in my opinion. If this fits me well, it will definitely be coming home with me.

Next, we have this Grecian Goddess-inspired top, the Chantico Tank by Bailey 44. The soft pink shade is my favorite, but this also comes in white and grey.

Switching gears to skirts here, I am absolutely in love with this next offering by Anna Sui, the Airy Eyelet Skirt. Ivory and eyelets in one garment, what's not to love???? This would go so beautifully with so many tops in my closet. At $168, the price is a bit steep for me, but if it makes the Fresh Cuts in the future, it's mine.

Last, we have this cute little Dreaming In Green Skirt by Eva Franco. LOVE IT!

I really love the fresh, springtime colors, the textured tweed fabric, and the button detailing along the waist. The colors and pattern set this apart from your standard, everyday pencil skirt. Can't wait to try on in person!

Have a great weekend everyone! Let me know if you hit the stores and, if so, what you come home with!:)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring Is In Full Bloom at Anthropologie

Hi everyone, how are you???? It's snowing like crazy here in NYC, and I barely made it home tonight without wiping out on the slippery sidewalk!!!

All this crazy weather we're having makes me long for warmer, prettier days ahead. I cannot wait until true springtime weather arrives! Until then, I can escape by viewing all of the pretty new offerings on Anthropologie's website. I can't wait to hit the store this weekend to hunt down some of these items!

Here are some of my new faves that will hopefully come home with me one day soon...

First up is the gorgeous Caballo Falls Dress by Lil. The print is very pretty and I love the beautiful blue shades. I'm hearing that the spaghetti straps have been replaced with wider, sturdier straps on the dresses in stores now, so that's a definite plus if you have a large bust.

Can't wait to try and buy!:)

Next up is this breathtakingly beautiful dress by Moulinette Soeurs, the Wind Catcher Dress. This gorgeous little dress literally took my breath away! It is so feminine and floaty, and the golden sash and metallic print offer a nice contrast to the ivory color of the fabric. My only concern with this one is that it could potentially wash me out big time, being very fair and all. Will definitely give this one a whirl in the dressing room, though!

This next dress by Moulinette Soeurs is super cute!!! Called the Homegrown Dress, it's just perfect for a picnic or garden party. The bright, bold floral print is adorable and the cut looks very flattering. Can't wait to try this on! Makes me happy just looking at it!

I'm also absolutely IN LOVE with this adorable green (also comes in navy) Blooming Lattice Cardigan by Wendi Reed. I've had really good luck with this designer, and I love the details along the neckline! This would look great over my ivory eyelet Betsey Johnson dress, so as soon as this baby is off backorder, it's coming home with me for sure!

While we're on the topic of sweaters, check out this gorgeous baby blue Curling Posies Cardi by
Guinevere. This also comes in ivory, but this amazing, soft blue shade would be universally flattering on almost any skin tone and is one of my favorite colors on the planet.

I'll be back soon with loads more of my faves, as they keep adding new stuff seemingly all the time! Have a fabulous evening everyone! Drop me a line and let me know what you like, hate, need to get, etc. from this amazing new collection!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Blues

Hey guys, hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I'm so sad that another work week is upon us! Time just moves WAY too quickly between Friday and Sunday.

Not much going on over at Anthropologie's website, so I've been surfing the web for more cute items. Found a TON of amazing little pieces over at, but the trick is, you have to be super quick, as the stuff sells out immediately and they can't always restock. Here are a few little items that really caught my eye...

I just fell in love with this light blue top with gorgeous black ribbon applique adorning the front. This is such a sweet, feminine little frock and readers, it sold out within hours of appearing on the site! I have to have this top!!! It truly is "me" and I can only hope that they plan to restock ASAP!!!

This next item is super cute and I love how it's casual, but a little dressy at the same time with the tiered ribbon sleeves. It's what I would call a "tee with a twist" and I think this could be paired with skirts, slacks, or jeans for a fun, cute, yet casual look.

This next top reminds me of something one would find at Anthropologie. This shirt has a lot of exquisite details...from the wooden buttons to the multi-colored tweed paneling along the shoulders and waistline. This heather gray cutie also has a panel of smocking along the back to ensure a comfy, breezy fit. Pair this with jeans for a cute, casual weekend look.

Hope you all enjoy what's left of your Sunday evening and have a great start to your school/work week!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

OOTD & Another Gorgeous Arrival

Hi guys, how are you? One more day until the weekend! I, for one, cannot wait! I'm so exhausted from work and cannot WAIT to kick back and relax for a few!

Of course, my Thursday would not be complete without a nice browsing session on Anthropologie's website, and they continue to add a few new items all the bad for my budget!

I just fell in love with this gorgeous little wrap dress by Sophia Eugene . I don't own many green items, but the shade is unusually pretty and the print is super cute. A little pricey at $198, but I will definitely add this one to my Wish List.

Fiber Optics Dress

I leave you with my outfit of the day. I'm wearing the Free Flow Tank with a super cute, dusty rose sweater from Ruche. I continue to get so many compliments on this tank, so I'm extremely happy that I decided to break down and buy it.

Have a wonderful evening everyone!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lustworthy Items at Anthropologie

Hey readers, how are you?? I'm taking a quick break from tonight's Olympic Games on t.v. Just saw the most amazing snowboarding competition and I'm totally pumped up now! GO USA!

As usual, I spent part of my day browsing Anthropologie's website in search of recent additions and have come up with yet ANOTHER list of items that I MUST have!!! I'm going to have to get a second (maybe third!!!) job just to support this shopping habit of mine, lol! I present to you my latest list below...

Fancy That Tank by Bordeaux...comes in 3 colors, but I only like the "Sky" version and wish they made this in additional light colors. To me, the orange shade is just "okay" and the details don't translate well at all in the black version.

I think this is super cute and the neutral grayish-blue shade will work well with a wide variety of colors in one's wardrobe.

This is already selling amazingly well, both online and in stores, so I suggest that we grab this one up before it's too late!

Two Paths Trench by Idra...inspired by a very pricey, very gorgeous coat made by Burberry. For under $200, this is a good option for those of us without an amazing cash flow.

The Traversing Dress is another lovely offering from Moulinette Soeurs. I adore anything in navy, and the eyelets and printed silk sash really refine the look of this dress. I am a little concerned about coverage in the front of the dress, though. I'm assuming it will have some sort of liner around all those openings near the bust, because I would hate to have to wear a camisole underneath this.

Finally, we have this sweet little Peeking Lace Blazer by Tabitha. Pinstripes and peekaboo lace, how adorable!!

What new items are calling out to you? Have you made any purchases this week? I can't wait to hit up Anthro over the weekend, because there are so many items that I'm dying to try on and view in person!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympic Fever and a Brand New Purchase

Hi, readers, how are you???? I'm doing great! I am so addicted to the Winter Olympic Games! I've been glued to my television set for days now...I just love the skating, skiing, luge, hockey, etc. So exciting to watch and Vancouver is such a gorgeous city!!!

Before I dash back to my skating event, I wanted to share with you my latest Anthropologie purchase. It was part of today's Fresh Cuts.

Here we have the Painted Porcelain Tee by Deletta! Isn't it adorable? I've wanted this since late November, but couldn't quite bring myself to spend the $60. Now that it's 50% off, I had to have it! I think this will look just fab with my Forever 21 skinny jeans and brown boots, and I'm sure I can dress it up a bit with a pretty skirt for the office.

Did you guys score some great deals today? Do dish the dirt if you did!!! I'm always happy to hear about what you guys bought!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rare Anthropologie Item For Sale

Hi guys, Happy Valentine's Day!!!! Hope you all had a wonderful guy and I shared a fabulous dinner last night at a great restaurant in NYC. Had some steak and shrimp scampi and it was amazing!

I don't normally use this blog to sell items, but I made an Ebay purchase 2 weeks ago that didn't work out so well for me. I bought this gorgeous, amazing Wye Valley Dress by Maeve, but it was listed as size 2 and it turns out that it's a 4. Needless to say, the dress is just way too large for me in the bust/shoulders. I was going to have it altered, but found a smaller size, so I'm offering this one up to any interested reader.

This dress is in excellent condition and appears to hardly have been worn at all. It is so lovely and feminine, and I know it would look great on one of you!!!!

UPDATE 2/23/2010: The zero was too small, so now I have decided to just alter the 4 to my size (a 2 is nowhere to be found). If anyone wants to buy the zero, please let me know!

****SOLD ON 2/28/10 ****
Size 0

Please email me at if you are interested. Have a great night!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Finds...

Hey everyone, hope your day is going great!!! It's Friday, yay! Time to relax and forget about all the pressures of the work week. I'm taking a vacation day today, so I'm getting in plenty of R&, I have extra time to cruise the web for more fabulous finds.

I'm telling you, Anthropologie is simply KILLING me with their spring items! Everything is so frilly and girly...right up my alley! I noticed a few new additions that I hadn't seen before...hope you like them!:)

First up is this gorgeous, creamy little top from Hype, the Dauphine Blouse. How amazing is this???!!! It has eyelets and ruffles and lace...what more could a girl ask for??? At $118, this is a bit expensive for me at the moment, but I'm going to try very hard to add this one to my wardrobe. LOVE IT!!!

Next, we have this lovely gray McKay Tank by Deletta. I'm such a sucker for anything with a bow, and I also adore those fabric-covered beads adorning the neckline. The gray shade is very pretty, too, and works well with my coloring (also comes in Navy). It does appear to have a boxy fit, though, so I will have to try this one on in the store before purchasing.

This beautiful, feminine Nostalgic Lace Skirt by Peyton has finally made an appearance online...I fell in love with it when I saw it in the catalog. I do wish it was white instead of the ivory/cream shade that Anthro is currently obsessed with this season, but it's a very versatile piece that could work well with a lot of tops in my wardrobe. I'm hoping that it's truly knee-length, as well, as so many of the skirts have been way too short for my taste lately.

Last up is this adorable, sweet little cardigan by Wendi Reed, the Parted Petals Cardigan...I LOVE THIS! It is so cute with that big ol' flower centerpiece. I'm a little confused, because it's listed as being yellow on the website, but I'd swear it has more of a beige/neutral background color. Will have to head out to Anthropologie this weekend to check this out in person.

Anyone hitting the stores this weekend? Drop me a line and tell me all about the latest retail damage you've done!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lost and Found...

Hi readers, how are you???? I'm doing fantastic!!! I took a vacation day tomorrow, so I get to have a long weekend!!! Aren't those the best? Even better, I work for a bank, so we have Monday off for President's Day. I'll have to hit the stores for all those great sales!!!

Anyhow, as you all know, I constantly scour the web for Anthropologie items, and I'm super excited to report that I am now the proud owner of one of those dresses that I missed out on back in the day...this amazing little Spotlight Dress!!

Isn't is adorable?? I was kicking myself for not getting it last year (or was it 2008?) when it completely sold out of stores and online, and it only shows up on Ebay once in a great least in my size. Can't wait to get it in the mail!!!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love bright, bold colors and soft pastels, so it's very rare that I buy something that's black...but with that sunny yellow sash at the waist, this dress has the perfect spring/summertime twist and I'm already imagining how I plan to style this.

Have you guys found any items recently that you had "buyer's regret" about passing up?

Hope everyone has a great evening!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cute New Arrivals!

Well, lovely readers, my wish came true! We are in the midst of a big snowstorm here in NYC, so I decided to take the day off and save myself a grueling commute into Manhattan. This gives me extra time to scour the web for the latest fabulous fashion offerings, and I see a few new items on the Anthropologie website that are worth introducing to the world.

First up is this amazing little Swinging Sweetheart Dress by Girls from Savoy. This is just flat-out adorable! I love the ruffled trim, kicky little skirt, and the lovely contrast between the soft pink top and dark bottom. This looks like it stepped right out of a 1940's movie. It's so light, floaty, and feminine, and it's going onto my Wish List immediately.

Next, we have this cute new offering from Moulinette Soeurs, the Peeking Needlework Dress. I love the black lace material and the little white bow in the middle. This would be perfect for summertime parties...Such a sweet, feminine frock that I would welcome into my wardrobe with open arms.

Hellooooooooooooooooo, my pretty! Next, check out Bailey 44's Daily Gathering Dress. This is a super cute, super comfy jersey dress that I can't wait to try on! I love the dark grey shade of this, and the gathered detail at the waistline is so beautiful! The only concern that I have is the length...the website lists this as being only 35" long. What's up with all these short dresses, Anthropologie??? Some of these items would look so much classier with just a few extra inches of material.

I'll end this latest post with this pretty little number by Floreat, the Parachuting Petals Top. At $128, I find this very pricey, but I love the beautiful blue color, little flutter sleeves, and the pretty embroidery. I'll definitely have to wait for a sale on this one, though.

Have a fabulous day and enjoy the latest new fashions!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Iskaldur Dress & Outfit of the Day

Hi readers, how are you? Staying warm this winter? We're expecting a foot of snow in NYC over the next 24 hours...I'm praying for a snow day off from work, but not counting on it!!!!

I am so excited, because I received my latest Ebay purchase at work today!!! I found the Iskaldur Dress from last year and snapped that baby up right away!

The color and pattern are gorgeous, but I'm a little confused as to why the armholes are so HUGE. I mean, even with a tank underneath, I feel completely exposed! I will definitely have to top this with a cute cardi or jacket, but it was still worth the purchase!

The other strange thing is there seems to be some sort of tie underneath the collar over the right shoulder...can't really make out the purpose of this, or what to do with it...any readers care to share their insight on this? If you own this dress, please let me know what the hell this tie is supposed to look like, because as far as I can tell, it adds nothing to the design and I'm about to pull out the scissors and snip it off.

I leave you all with my cute little outfit of the day, featuring my gorgeous Anthropologie Field Game Cardigan by Charlotte Tarantola. I paired this with a shimmery gold tank, a cream-colored skirt, and my cute new navy patent peep-toe shoes that unfortunately got cut off in this photo. This is what happens when the photographer is a foot taller than you!! And yes, the photo is cropped like crazy, but I wanted to avoid showing you the messy wires along my wall.

Have a lovely evening everyone!