Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Just dropping in to share a few of the new cuties that I'm LOVING on Anthropologie's site these days...I don't see any one piece that I *MUST* have in my life, but I do adore the look of these lovely, feminine frocks.

Each piece offers something completely different, but I love bright colors, bold prints, and beautiful floral patterns.

What items are YOU loving these days?


  1. Morning Chrissy!
    I too was quite taken with the Soft Sakura skirt and included it in my Day 9 '30-for-30' post. It's so cute!
    Yesterday the Tuxedo Plaid Tunic landed on the EU site, the pink is lovely.
    I didn't order anything in October at all as nothing full price or sale called to me but the November arrivals so far have been great :)

  2. ohhh.! i really like that last dress. It's gorgeous! but looks a bit like my mullany :-(

  3. HI hunnie....Im SOOOO swooning over the polka dot it:)

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  4. That first skirt is sooo pretty, with the peekaboo slip, sure would go nice with my new Rensselaer T-Straps...and btw, Your new blog photo is GORGEOUS!

  5. Thank you about the pic, Tracy!

    I am also adoring that first skirt, and wondering if it will make it to the sale rack before selling out...hmmm...

  6. There is an adorable purple a-line skirt with diamond/geometric pattern on it that hasn't shown up online yet. I am so obsessed with it and my store doesn't have my size. As soon as it shows up online, it will be MINE!

  7. I love that skirt too! It's so pretty... I would buy it in a heartbeat!! Have a wonderful weekend. xo

  8. Wow I am loving everything. Especially that skirt it's absolutely gorgeous and perfect.


  9. I already own the Mullany dress, so definitely keep my eyes averted from the polka dress. I did however bite the bullet and buy the Soft Sakura skirt and I LOVE it. Its so comfy and adorably cute on. Some reviews online are less than thumbs up, but I personally thought it was super flattering and felt cute in it!