Sunday, November 21, 2010

What's Your Limit???

Good morning, ladies, I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely weekend. As I sat here sipping my coffee and perusing the newspaper, I came across an article about the introduction of nine inch heels to the masses, and ouch! It leaves me wondering, who in the heck is going to be able to walk in these??????

Dubbed the "Sky Heel," this shoe is available in vibrant shades of gold and red and costs just under $100. Experts claim that consumer demand drove manufacturers to develop this towering stiletto, in an attempt to mimic the look of celebrities who dare to don 5, 6, or even 7 inch heels.

I love me some high heels, don't get me wrong. In fact, my closet is filled to the brim with 3 and 4 inch heels, but a girl DOES have her limits, you know. Does anyone think these are completely ridiculous? I mean, who could WEAR these (other than Lady Gaga)????

Aside from aesthetics, I also worry about the injuries that these could potentially cause. Twisted ankles, torn tendons, broken wrists from the attempts to break a fall...Yikes!

However, we all have different comfort levels. Some of us feel unsteady in 2 inch heels, while I see girls strutting down the streets of Manhattan, rocking 6 inch spiked heels like runway models.

I'd say that a 4 inch heel would be the tippy tops for me. How about you? Could you rock a 6+ inch heel, or are sneakers more your style?

*Images courtesy of the UK Daily Mail.


  1. that is bonkers! I'm guessing those last two images are Victoria Beckham?! Her feet are dreadful after wearing such high heels for so long, did you see her bunions? And what's with wearing shoes a size too big? Jeez...

  2. Yeah, that is Victoria Beckham! I thought the same exact thing: Aren't those shoes way too big on her feet? Looks sooooooooo ridiculous, and bunion city. Gross.

  3. Yikes! Those first shoes aren't even cute!

    I'm 5'8" so unless I want to feel like an amazon, I try to wear heels less than 3 inches. I do have a few pairs of Ann Taylor 4 inch heels, but I rarely wear them since they aren't very comfortable and I worry that I'll topple over (they are stilettos to boot

    And Victoria Beckham's shoes are totally too big! WTH!

  4. eeek! I can't even walk properly in 6 inch heels. 9 inch heels should stay on the catwalk IMO. I like kitten heels or anything less than 2 inch!

  5. HOLY wow....umm..theres NO way I could wear these, lol..not even in a dream...I like to walk.....:)

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  6. Ridiculous! Honestly, girls teetering on a tightrope is the image I have in my head! NOONE looks sexy stumbling down the street! My max is 5inch I guess, but only if its a thick heel or platform,,,and I usually stick to flats or a small wedge during the day;)

  7. My God those are outrageous- not to mention just ugly. lol

    I couldn't do it. 4.5" I think is my limit. I have a pair of heels that high and I sometimes struggle in THOSE. Plus I'm 5'10. I don't neccesarily NEED the extra height ya know...But I do love my some heels. :)

  8. I will rather wear my sneakers anytime.

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  9. Chrissy,

    Those shoes are ugly. Not to mention how ugly a girls feet will be later in life. And the stilted walk created by walking in high heels is NOT SEXY.

    I'm most comfortable in 3" and under. I can pull off up to 3.75". At 4" I feel like I am toppling over with every step. Even in Chie Mihara's.

  10. Laura, I couldn't agree with you more! And to think that someone will actually BUY these, LOL.

  11. Those last pumps rawk! :)

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