Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dreaming in Green

Hello there, my lovely readers! I hope you've all enjoyed a fun-filled, relaxing weekend! Just dropping in to share with you another beautiful item that really tickles my fancy.:)

Voila, the Grasshopper Pie Dress @

Isn't this little number just darling? I love the retro feel of the design, from the sweetheart neckline to the cute little button details, and the adorable flared hem of the skirt. I must own this dress! Such an unusual, almost citrus shade of green, too!

Unfortunately, it's currently sold out in my size (appears to run very small, so I'm being wise and sizing up in this one), but I am ever so hopeful that ModCloth will restock this beauty quickly. The designer isn't listed, but it's very similar to the style of dresses crafted by Stop Staring. If anyone knows where else I can find this dress in a medium, I'd be very grateful for your tip!

Enjoy the rest of the evening!


  1. Hey Chrissy
    WOW! nice dress! it would look fantastic of you - it totally screams "Chrissy!"
    I love how the dress is very ladylike, reminds me of madmen in a way (i love that era!).

  2. Love the color! ...and the back is too cute.

    <3, natasha
    twenty-something blog

  3. That is such a pretty dress....I can see why its sold out....hope they get it in for you soon..youd look fab in it!!!

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  4. Chrissy, Is this labeled as a Stop Staring Dress. It looks so familiar. I know nothing about Modcloth. But if you want to see hundreds of fabulous dresses like this then check out Stop Staring. My friend recently found a shop in LA and bought 4 dresses. They are stretch and do run 2 sizes too small. This sure sounds like the same brand.

    Stop Staring online


  5. Laura, ModCloth annoys me sometimes, because they only seem to list the designer about 50% of the time...not sure why some items have the name, and others don't...but I do believe this is either a Stop Staring! or Bettie Page dress. The style is so similar. Unfortunately, I don't see this anywhere else online, though.

  6. And you're damn right about SS dresses being 2 sizes smaller than normal. That's why I would need a medium. I ordered one dress last year in a small and could hardly fit my booty in it, and it's way too tight.

  7. I loved this dress, too, when I saw'd look great on you!