Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Plea to my Anthropologie Lovin' Peeps!!!

Hey ladies, hope your week is going well!! My God, is it really only Tuesday, LOL????? Just briefly dropping in to say hello and to hopefully get your assistance in locating a long sought after Anthropologie item!

Girls, if any of you know where I can find this or have a size 2 that you'd like to sell, I'd be very happy to pay a pretty penny for your product.:) Please email me at chrissieb@att.net with any info. I've scoured Ebay, but can't ever seem to find it.

Pearl Overcoat by Elevenses - Size 2 Desperately Needed:)

Yes, dolls, the coat obsession continues. I can never have too many, so I need your help!

Have a great night!


  1. OMG...is that a super cute coat or what???
    I can see why you want it...sorry, I have no idea where to get it at...did you try Ebay?

    Have a fashionable day:)
    Statements in Fashion

  2. I saw this in a 4 earlier this week on eBay! Would that size work?

  3. I can make a 4 work if I have to! Do you have a link? I swear I didn't see this on there!!!

  4. Chrissy- I have it in a 2, and the waist is pretty snug. I think a 4 would definitely work, since you and I are similar sizes.

  5. Thanks, Tien! I do recall that it ran really small. I can't even believe I didn't buy it! It was one of those items that I debated buying for such a long time. I still don't see it on Ebay, though. I saw a coat that looked somewhat similar, but it's not by Elevenses and it's not this coat.:(

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