Saturday, September 25, 2010

Readers' Choice

Hello out there to all of you lovely ladies! Hope you're enjoying a great start to the weekend. The weather is fabulous here in NYC. I'm about to head out to enjoy this last little slice of heavenly summer-like weather that we've been experiencing.

As I look toward fall and the colder months that loom ahead, I've been trying to find a great coat to add to my arsenal of fall/winter weather gear. Keep in mind that I already own more jackets and coats than I can count, in all colors of the rainbow, but that won't stop me from bringing home yet another one this season!!

I stumbled upon a Canadian line of outwear by Soia & Kyo, and they make some seriously gorgeous coats! I was actually tipped off to this brand by a stranger on the streets in Manhattan. She was wearing the most beautiful, amazingly tailored coat I'd seen in awhile, so I stopped to inquire as to where she bought this beauty. That's when I was introduced to this wonderful line of coats, which many of you are probably quite familiar with already, and I've fallen in love with the Violet Belted Coat, which comes in off white, blue, black and red. Since I already own black and red wool coats, I've been debating in my mind whether I should get this in blue or off, I need your help, readers!!!

Love the huge collar and the asymmetrical zipper adds visual interest to the front of the coat.

This coat is all about beautiful touches and details. Look at the back of this baby!

Which one should I get?? Both are beautiful, and I truly can't decide! HELP ME!:)


  1. While I think the idea of a white coat can be absolutely stunning, I like the blue color for this particular coat better. It's a gorgeous design!

  2. Get the blue!!! The shade is beautiful and white/off white winter coats always get SO dirty, especially in the city!


  3. well, I like how the violet version has a really stylish 60's mod quality, but the white is definitely striking! hmmm...

  4. The soft creamy white is my first pick! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this coat!

    <3, natasha
    twenty-something blog

  5. Blue, blue, blue...what a wonderful coat.

  6. BLUE! BLUE!
    a) So very pretty.
    b) Goes with your eyes.
    c) White will get nasty-dirty awfully fast.


  7. OMG you need the Blue one Chrissy! It would go perfect with your eyes.

    But why oh why are you tempting me with more seriously gorgeous coats. I have 2 blue Leifsdottir's. But nothing like this Blue.


  8. Hello Chrissy
    Thanks for introducing us to Soia & Kyo. The coats look very tailored and well made.
    I'm personally liking the blue one. The off white might wash you out a little? Let us know which one you get!

  9. I love the coat! Im afraid I have to go against public opinion and choose the white. Its gorgeous and can go with much more. Its classy. Both are great though. :)