Thursday, July 8, 2010

Autumn at Anthropologie

Hey, girls, how are you all doing? Everyone holding up in this summertime heat?? Thankfully, the blazing hot temps have dropped a LITTLE in NYC, so I can actually breathe when walking outside.:/

Wow, Anthropologie continues to churn out the hits for the transition into fall. I see sooo many beauties appearing almost daily on their website, but this is by far my favorite new arrival this week...

Arbor Vines Sweater Jacket by Sparrow

Now, I must admit, the thought of boiled wool makes my skin itch in this heat, but I'm thinking positive and looking ahead to cooler fall days.:) This little sweater is so gorgeous! I think I prefer the grey shade over the ivory (which looks more like oatmeal to my eyes), but both options are beautiful.

Can we talk about the AMAZING details on this garment??? Holy cow, look at the back of this! The shape is perfection, and the appliques add some nice visual interest in the front.

Now, did everyone hear that loud crash??? I think it was my so-called BUDGET going out the window as I add more and more pre-fall items onto my Wish List!!!!


  1. Haha did I hear echos from your budget crash or is it another one here? ;-P
    my friend and I decided to monitor each other and go on a shopping ban (with the possibility of 3 new purchases max) since last week till the end of September...
    and then today I went downtown to get a haircut and return some stuff and got home with 2 new dresses...
    (well well well but I returned two dresses! if it is a purchase based on a return it should not count, right?)
    and I LOVED the sweater when I saw it online yesterday~ ~but I kinda feel it would not go on sale until my shopping ban is over~ ~hopes up!

  2. LOL, good luck on your shopping ban! I'm telling you, these new arrivals are killing me every season. I'm trying so hard to be good, but the temptation gets the best of me every time.

    What dresses did you get?

  3. I bought a dress at Nordstrom and another at Bloomingdale~ sorry do not know the names so cannot find pics online~
    well the discounts are great...and they fit...and they are lovely...(do I need so many reasons to justify purchases each time?;-P)
    "I like my money where I can see them: hanging in my closet."
    --- Sarah Jessica Parker ~

  4. Fabulous! Love that quote.:)

    Enjoy your new dresses!

  5. I'm hearing the echo over here too. Do you think it could be a glitch in the universe or something? oh well.. WHO CARES!? we're totally going to be rocking this sweater the second the weather turns and i'm practically clapping my hands in a spasmodic way thinking about it! :)

  6. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Clappy hands) I'd buy it tonight if I could!

  7. My wishlist is seriously out of hand. I need Anthro to stop with the all the cuteness immediately or I just need to get more self control or come into a bunch of money. I like the second option better because lets face it I don't know if I will ever have self control when it comes to anthro.

  8. I love this piece, too, but when I saw it in the store, the gray looked brown to me. When you see it in person, I'd love your take on the color. The gray is so pretty on-line, I'm hoping it was just weird lighting in the store!

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  10. Lauren, really??? Like a nice brown or an ugly brown? I hope it was just the lighting, and will definitely let you know once my store gets it! Sometimes Anthro has a very weird take on colors.:/