Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back in Action and a Thank You to All!

Hello, dear readers, I'm back!!! I had a wonderful, lovely, relaxing little vacation in my home state of Michigan! It was so nice to be back around big, open fields, gorgeous lakes, and lush greenery. Living in NYC now, everything can get cramped, crazy, and out-of-control, so it's always a great experience when I'm able to get away for a little bit.

Well, now that I'm back, I'm just catching up on all of the goings-on in the blogosphere! Looks like some of you have been scoring some sweet sale items.:) I'm jealous! Still on my shopping ban until the end of this month. It's TORTURE, I tell ya!;) I did get a great new handbag courtesy of my Mommy, though! I'll post some pics shortly. Michael Kors was having a mega-sale and this gorgeous little purse was screaming my name from the shelf. It's a lovely lavender/gray shade, a neutral color that will work with so many different outfits, with just a hint of color to make it pop. Can you tell that I love it?:)

Well, I'm off to check out Anthro's latest additions. Would you believe that it's been about 4 days since I checked in on that???

Oh, and before I go, I was quite dismayed to return to a message on Blogger indicating that my old blog background would be disappearing. Readers, I adored that design and was so sad to have to select a new one, but I'm really loving this one that I found today! I consider it a fresh new start! I also just realized that I've been blogging for six months now! Thank you all so much for checking in on my little corner of the web.:)


  1. Good to have you back and looking forward to reading your future posts :).

    I am hosting a giveaway of a $50 gift card to the Cheesecake Factory. Hope you will enter for a chance to win :).

  2. Congrats! 6 Do you feel that your style has changed throughout the 6 months that you've blogged?

  3. Thanks all!

    Cindi, I wouldn't say that my style has changed, because I've always been super obsessed with clothes, but I had NO IDEA that there were so many others out there like me.:) It's so inspiring to see how you all come up with creative ways to look cute every day, and I love to borrow ideas from the blog world. My shopping habit has gone through the roof, though.:)

  4. I imagine it must have been a huge change of pace going from NYC to MI. Can't wait to see the purse!