Sunday, October 17, 2010

Latest Fashion Discoveries @ Talbots

Hey guys, how have you been? Hope you're all enjoying another great weekend. Sorry I've been absent for the past week, but I've had some SERIOUS computer issues that had to be sorted out. I'm now back in action and can't wait to catch up on all the blogs that I've missed!

I've spent my lovely Sunday morning relaxing and surfing online for more pretty items to share with everyone. I'll confess that I've been on a bit of a shopping hiatus, as my finances are a bit low until the end of the month, but hey, that doesn't mean a girl can't look around, right? Right!

I spent some time on the Talbots website this morning, and was pleasantly surprised to see how this store, once geared for the middle-aged career woman, has really kicked things up a few notches and broadened their market to include younger gals like myself. They honestly had some REALLY cute items! Take a look at some of these beauties.

I am just loving this gorgeous silk rosette skirt. It comes in 2 shades, black and a lovely soft pink. Unfortunately, at $179, it's also super pricey, but I am definitely admiring it from afar.

Next up is this gorgeous lace pencil skirt, featuring delicate beading scattered throughout the fabric. So pretty.:)

There's nothing like a sleek leather jacket to pull together that perfect fall ensemble, and this one is just lovely. I adore the fit and design, and the leather looks so soft and buttery. I could pair this with a ruffled skirt or a nice pair of slacks for a chic everyday look.

I also came across some lovely accessories at Talbot's. Who knew? Check out these beautiful bags.

Hope you ladies enjoyed these fashion finds. Have a great afternoon!


  1. Hey Chrissy
    I'm so loving the lace pencil skirt! so pretty!!
    Does Talbot deliver to Australia?

  2. Hey there, I am pretty darn positive that Talbots DOES ship to the land of Oz. I think it's crazy expensive, but I imagine that you're used to paying international shipping fees by now.

    I LOVE that lace skirt, too!