Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lovely New Anthropologie Items

Good evening, ladies, hope all is well! I was pretty excited to log onto Anthropologie's website today and see so many new pretties.:) Gorgeous dresses, cozy sweaters, beautiful coats...I just LOVE fall clothing! Thought I'd share some of my favorites from the latest collection.

Love this beautiful, ethereal dress. What an unusual shade of green! Can't wait to try this on.

This dark gray dress features to-die-for beautiful embroidery. Yes, there are some fit issues (as evidenced in many blog reviews), but I plan to snap this one up on sale and run, run, run to my wonderful tailor to make this piece perfect. I know I would seriously regret passing this one up.

So excited to see this sweater coat in such a vivid, gorgeous shade of red.

Simply adore the lovely pink shade and huge flowers on this beauty. Wendi Reed comes through with another wonderful sweater for fall.

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Plenty by Tracy Reese jacket that I featured in an earlier blog post. This is such an amazingly pretty coat! The details are outstanding, from the gorgeous embroidery to the faux fur collar and cute black buttons. It's pretty expensive, so I'm a bit hesitant to snap this one up, but it's so gosh darn pretty! Not sure how versatile it would be for daily use, though, so I'm going to have to think about it for awhile longer.

Anthropologie's November catalog truly offers something for just about everyone. The garments feature bold pops of color, floral appliques, intricate embroidery, and flat-out gorgeous style.

What are your favorite new items?


  1. The Wendi Reed sweater is calling my name. Yes, please! With skinny jeans and some tall boots, it would be so cute. Or with the In a Twinkling many possibilities!

  2. I agree, Jamie, the sweater is gorgeous and would look good with both dresses or pants/jeans. I just wish it was $100 less!

  3. that second dress is amazing...such beautiful detailing

  4. Oh I love the last coat, it's so gorgeous. Love the details on it.

  5. hey, so you haven't seen the moulinette soeurs dress (#2) in stores yet, have you? I'm going to be in NY next week and was looking forward to trying it on...

    and I love the tracy reese coat for you- special enough to spring for! it's so distinctive!

  6. Hey there, the MS dress is indeed in stores here. I tried it on a couple of weeks ago. Here's the deal, like everyone says, SIZE UP unless you are completely straight up and down. I am a 0/2 normally, but the 0 was impossible to put on and the 2 was crazy-tight through the hips. I am going to buy the 4, which had nice room on the bottom (but is HUGE on top) and have my tailor alter it. The embroidery is so pretty, it's worth it to me, because I'll wear this dress for years.

    I think I may just spring for the coat next month, too!:)

  7. LOVE IT!!!!!!!


  8. Love that red coat!!

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