Monday, October 25, 2010

Vintage Chanel

Good morning, ladies, how are you doing today? I am absolutely exhausted and gulping down a ton of coffee, trying to plod my way through another thrilling Monday. Had a great weekend, though, so I really can't complain TOO much...if only it were just a bit longer.

I did a bunch of window shopping on Sunday, but wasn't able to bring anything home with me. Zara had some super cute coats and dresses, though, so I may head over there on Friday after I get some $$$$ in that bank account of mine. Until then, it's browsing only for this girl.

I've also been looking at a lot of lovely handbags. I'm seriously in love with Chanel bags and drool every time I see a beautiful blogger photographed with one dangling off her arm. I'm definitely not in a position to run over to the store and pick up a brand new version, but I've been looking into luxury online sites that offer AUTHENTIC vintage bags. I'm seriously lusting after this Vintage 2.55 Classic Double Flap, but even the used bag price is exorbitant.

What do you girls think, is this one worth considering? It's such a classic, timeless bag that will go with anything and everything, plus still be stylish year after year.
*This is the exact bag I'm looking to buy. I've verified that the dealer is "the real deal" and this bag is definitely authentic.


  1. Umm, yeah!!! Always consider Chanel if you want classic and timeless. :)
    That bag is gorgeous and could be carried for so many years and always look perfect.
    If you get a vintage one online, just be careful and do your research on getting an authentic one. You want to make sure you get a real deal Chanel beauty.

  2. I think Chanel - this bad especially - is worth the investment if you'll carry it. Plus you'll never forgive yourself if you don't buy it.

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  3. I am a Chanel fanatic. When buying a Chanel bag do consider the material and what you'd be using it for (ie: evening or everyday). That bag looks like it's lamb, which is less durable than caviar leather. BE VERY CAREFUL when buying from online dealers who claim or allege that their bags are authentic. There are a lot of very good scammers out there who make very good fakes. Good luck dear!
    ps. that bag is gorgeous :)

  4. That is a great purse. I was going to say the same as fshnonmymind and do your research with the dealer and make sure of the authenticity. Good luck and hope you get it soon!

  5. Hi Chrissy, It's certainly worth considering but personally, I decided against one.

    I've been seriously considering a Chanel for years. I told my dh years ago that the day we are mortgage free, I would buy myself a Chanel. Well, that day came May 31, 2010 and I am still without a Chanel (by choice) and I'm certainly not feeling any ill-effects from this decision.

    A Chanel is beautiful. It's a status symbol. It says "I've arrived." I've wanted one for over 20 years... particularly in the last 6 years since my daughter attends a prestigous private school. I wanted a Chanel because 1.) I've always loved the timelessness of a Chanel; but 2.) I wanted the status-symbol that came with it. I wanted to be like all of the other Yummy-Mommies at my daughter's school. But when the day arrived to buy my Chanel, I just couldn't do it. I didn't need a loan or compromise my lifestyle in order to buy it. In fact, I was ready to pay cash for it. But I just couldn't justify dropping that sort of coin on a purse of all things.

    My decision against buying my Chanel made me truly understand my priorities and made me realize that owning a Chanel wasn't going to make me any happier or better than I already feel today.

    But since you're asking, my humble opinion is, ask yourself why you want a Chanel. This isn't just a purse. This is a status symbol, a lifestyle that you're buying into. If it will complete you, buy it (provided that it does not compromise your current lifestyle.)

    That's just my humble opinion. Good luck on your decision.

  6. You can't go wrong with Chanel, and that is most certainly a classic piece. I love the shape, too! If you can fit it into your budget, go for it!

  7. That's such a hard decision, Chanel really does have bags for everyone, I absolutely love how classic they are but for me, I can never keep a purse for a long time so paying a lot for a purse has never been worth it for me. It just depends on what your needs are and if you'll use it enough to make it a worthwhile purchase.
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  8. Thanks for all of the feedback, guys! I think I'm going to go for it! It's such a classic piece that I know I will be using for many years to come.

    This bag was found on Malleries Luxury site, which only sells guaranteed authentic bags and jewelry. I've been doing my research to ensure that I don't end up with a cheapie fake for my $.

  9. its definitely a classic and beautiful bag but i also have yet to purchase one. I feel like everyone has one of these bags so im kind of over purchasing one. If you do want one you could try to rent one online. They have plenty of sites that do designer rentals! xo

  10. This is an incredicle bag. Absolutely gorgeous. It's the definition of classic. The name 2.55 stands for the date it came out. 2=February. 55=Year :)

  11. Maria, I couldn't agree with you more! Thanks for reading!