Monday, August 2, 2010

More Anthro Fitting Room Reviews

Hi guys, happy Monday! Hope your weeks have gotten off on the right foot. I had a sluggish start today, but it's all good. It can only go up from here.:)

Yesterday, in addition to purchasing the Violet Gloaming Dress from Anthropologie, I also spent a little bit of time trying on some other items, so voila! I unveil a new round of fitting room reviews. Most of these items have been reviewed all over the blog world, but I'm always happy to offer yet another perspective.

Let's start off with the Twinkle Twinkle Dress by Girls from Savoy. First, the good points...I loved the color! So fresh for summer. The fit wasn't too bad, either (I took a 0, but probably should have tried a 2, as well), but I just wasn't wowed. Overall, I found it to be a cute dress, but certainly not something I'd pay that kind of money for. I also don't think I can handle the idea of wearing big white stars all over my outfit. Readers, I felt like I was about to embark on a USO Tour or fly into the sky like Tinkerbell, LOL.

Bottom line, cute dress, but PASS for me!

Next up is the Discovered Lace Dress by Fleur Wood. Some of you bloggers have rocked this dress like no other, but WOW, was this just AWFUL on me! I took the size 0 and I felt like a little girl playing dress-up in Mommy's closet...if my mom was Morticia, that is, LOL. The other issue was that the dress had a lot of static cling, so it kept bunching up in really inappropriate places.

Have you ever seen a more shapeless sack in your life???? My instincts had me grabbing it desperately at the waistline in an effort to reclaim my shape.

Last, I tried on Floreat's Manor Gates Dress. The colors and pattern make this a very eye-catching dress, but there was just something "off" about this on me. Didn't wow me in any way, which was shocking, because it has such beautiful details and drop dead gorgeous color combinations. I tried on the size 2, trying to allow some extra room for my behind, but the top was way too big and I looked like a box. I really needed to try the zero, because this dress was roomy all over, but I didn't love it enough to bother hunting it down on the sales floor.

Well, ladies, I hope I've entertained you somewhat, and even though this round of dresses was pretty damn disappointing, I just know that there will be dozens more to catch my eye!:)


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  2. I just love your hair in that first picture!! The coloring is amazing...