Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pretty New Things!

Hey ladies, how are ya? It's a gloomy, rainy morning here in NYC. Not very motivated to be back in the cube farm today, that's for sure! To help brighten up my day, I surfed on over to Anthropologie's website and lo and behold, there are lots of cute new items!!! After my mini-rant in last night's post about the lack of new dresses listed, I was pleasantly surprised to see these new beauties...

Ruffled Plaid Dress by Floreat...Priced at $158, this is my favorite new dress offering of the bunch. Plaid, ruffles and a sweet little flower, what could be better? Can't wait to try this one on. Floreat's really been knocking them out of the ball park lately with their gorgeous dresses!

Another cutie that caught my eye is this little yellow number, the Learning Curve Dress by Eva Franco. Not sure if this one would work for me, but I adore the pretty yellow shade and the figure-hugging silhouette. I really need to try this one on before bringing this home with me! Is the bow on the chest too much?

Next up, Leifsdottir's Paso Doble dress is just adorable! Love the big polka dots and unusual neckline. However, at $328, I will definitely be holding out for a sale on this one!

I also came across Deletta's Loosely Looped Tee, featured in black, gray and purple. I really love the purple version, which appears to be more of a berry shade on my monitor. I love the little details on this shirt, turning an ordinary tee into something quite extraordinary!:) From the ruffles to the little knot near the neckline, this piece is truly stunning and practically an Anthro steal at $58.

Finally, I came across these 2 cute sweaters. I am seriously drooling over both of these, even though they are budget-busting!!!

Best of the Bunch Cardigan - This dark orange color is gorgeous and so perfect for fall! Can't wait to pair this with a turquoise blue blouse.

Sleeping On Snow's Summer's Reminder Cardigan - This piece just takes my breath away. Truly a classic Anthropologie cardigan if I've ever seen one!

Well, ladies, those are my picks. See anything that you love, as well?

Enjoy your day!:)


  1. ooh I really love that plaid dress and the best of the bunch cardi! The plaid dress would go so well with tights and boots.

  2. I'm going to be so broke this fall! I can't take all this temptation!:)

  3. My loves are Best of the Bunch Cardi (obviously) and the Perthshire Dress - both are fabulous!

  4. I love the first two dresses and the Deletta tee. Can't wait to see the Anthro blog communities reviews on them. Thanks for highlighting the new arrivals!

  5. AHHHH! I was dying over the new arrivals this morning too! So many pretties!! The Loosely Looped Tee I'm DEFINITELY getting and the Summer's Reminder Cardi...Ohhhh...

  6. great picks! i'm sooo in love with the Upwards Boots...unless I happen upon $400, i don't think i'll be getting them this fall...i'm hoping dsw has something close!
    p.s. just found your's super fun!

  7. The first fall items from Anthro's fall line is really killing me! You are right in that their new round of dresses is delightful. The Crocheted Clouds Dress is my ultimate sweater dress. I'm also torn between both woodland print dresses - the Southward Stop and the Myth & Legends dress. I don't know how I'll budget through fall!

    P.S. Thanks for following my fledgling blog!