Friday, August 27, 2010

Super Hot Boots!

Hey girls, we made it through another week!:) Whew, I don't know about you, but I am sure ready for this weekend!

Tonight, I've been doing a little surfing around for fall boots and came across this AMAZING pair on ModCloth's website. Now, these may be a bit bold for some of you, but I already know I can find a zillion pairs of black, brown, tan and gray boots that I will love, so I'm in the mood for something different. THESE are so freakin' hot! Sold out in my size, too, but I love 'em and will track them down.

Warning, not for the faint of heart...Behold these gorgeous scarlet-hued boots!

The Kapow! Boot by Miz Mooz - $218.99

Have a fun Friday evening!


  1. Oh Chrissy,

    I can't wait to see an OOTD for these. What would you cook up? I forsee a Phlox and Coral in the mix. Maybe?

    Too bad these look to be a little past my 3.5 inch maximum. Anything above places me at risk of toppling over.

    But if you find them in a 3" heel and a low top version. I would be in love.

    Love this pick! Laura (Anthro Closet Chaos)

  2. Those are LOVELY!!! Way out of my price range, but they are simply AMAZING just like you said.

  3. Those are AMAZING, i love boots in bold colors!!! i love the buttons all the way down too, how fun!

  4. Hi:

    I saw them on another site (infinity shoes) and they were called Miz Mooz Sybil. That site only had them in brown and black though - but hopefully having the name will help your search. The red is really too cute!

  5. Those boots have 'sexy' written all over them!

  6. Wow, those are kind of Wonder Woman! I'd never dare wear them, but I know they'll look great on you.

  7. Oh, those are killer! I have been looking for a pair of red boots for ages. Well, I have a pair of red boots, but not that shade. Still.

    Must have.

  8. Those boots are fantastic! They are fit for a super hero for sure! I love that you're going for it. Be sure to post your outfit creations once you get them!

  9. I love these boots ~ they'd look fabulous with so much! I hope you find them - I'd love to see how you style them. Beyond The Rack had almost the same boots - orig. 320 on sale for 70 - but in grey, black and brown only. Good luck!! ~ Susan