Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Anthropologie Purchase

Hi everyone, hope your week is going well. Only one more day and then it's on to 2011. I can hardly believe how quickly this year seemed to fly by! Wow!

I did a little post-holiday shopping with my gift card this evening, so I thought I'd drop in to show you the latest purchase from Anthropologie.

Yep, I did it, I brought home the Soft-Structured Dress that I blogged about a few days back. The colors and pattern are simply stunning, and although it was more than I would normally pay for a jersey dress, I couldn't resist with my free money.;)

Now, this isn't styled or anything. I won't even be wearing the dress until next week, at which point I'll be breaking out the tights, some cute shoes, and switching up the jewelry to complement the dress. However, I couldn't resist trying it on yet again once I brought it home, so I snapped a quick pic for you guys to see.

I tried on both the XS and the S, but ended up taking home the small because the fit was more flowy. I work in a pretty damn conservative office, so I can't be prancing around like Jessica Rabbit in super form-fitting clothes all day. The small still flatters my frame, but allows me to maintain a more modest appearance when dealing with all those corporate types in power suits all day long.

Have a terrific evening and a fun, safe New Year's Eve!


  1. That dress is so beautiful, and it looks great on you. I look forward to seeing you style it!

  2. This dress looks absolutely gorg on you. You make me wanna run out and buy it too. :-) How are the colors in person? In the pic it looks dark navy.

  3. Ooops, forgot to say, Have a Happy New Year!!!

  4. You look lovely chrissie, I bought this dress in London this week :). It's so comfortable and flattering I couldn't resist!

  5. Thanks, everyone! I highly recommend this dress, and it's so comfortable to wear.

    Lisa, the colors are pretty much true to the picture, featuring a dark navy (not THAT dark, though) background and vibrant, but not overpowering floral contrast.

  6. Great purchase...this dress is gorgeous!!

    Happy New Year!

  7. Yes! Awesome! I love this dress and will not rest until everyone has it!

  8. Happy New Year! So glad you were able to pick up that dress -- the colors are so vibrant!

  9. You look gorgeous in that dress! I have been eyeballing it for seemingly forever (or two weeks, whatever)! Thanks for the info about the fit, I was concerned about the clingy factor for work too!

  10. Thanks, Lisa. Yeah, I just felt that on me, it
    was just a little too tight to get away with at the office. If I was back at my old job, which was not conservative at all, I wouldn't have thought twice about the XS.

  11. Great dress!! At every turn I see other bloggers wearing this dress and I :)

  12. I love this dress and it looks fabulous on you! I can't wait to see how you style it up!!

  13. what a Qute photo of you.!
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  14. These are all such beautiful pieces!