Monday, December 27, 2010

Seasonal Confusion

Hello, ladies, I hope you've all been enjoying a wonderful holiday season so far! I'm just trying to dig out of the 20 inches of snow that just got dumped on NYC over the past 24 hours!:(((( Some of you may think it looks so pretty, but I really do not enjoy it AT ALL! I think I seriously need to consider relocating to a different part of the country. Give me warm, sunny beaches any day over having to schlep around in this nonsense!

I received some gift cards to my favorite store, Anthropologie, so I've spent a little time on their website today, just scoping out new possibilities for my closet.:) I have to tell you, it appears that their buyers have some serious seasonal confusion going on! Today, the website unveiled a few new offerings, but these items sure don't seem like winter wardrobe staples to me! Pretty pastel shades, gauzy silk fabrics, and whimsical floral patterns? Not to mention sleeveless or barely there sleeves. Hmmmm....I couldn't wear any of these items until June, even if I liked them! Take a look to see what I mean.

Powdered Pigment Dress from Plenty by Tracy Reese ($228)

Holy Open Back! Can't picture breaking this out to wear in the 2 feet of snow we currently have on the East Coast.

Martagon Sketch Halter Dress (Label not listed - $158)

Work-In-Progress Dress by Cantao ($168)

Magnified Corolla Dress by Coquille ($168)

Wow, so not a lot of options for me over at Anthro right now! That's a pretty rare statement. However, there is one dress that I absolutely ADORE and hope to bring home with me tomorrow. It's the Soft-Structured Dress by Weston Wear. This little beauty has looked incredible on several bloggers and I absolutely must own it! Featuring a rich navy shade and an eye-catching floral print, this dress is just so darn pretty and seems to flatter one's curves in all the right places.

Being that I sort of have that J.Lo/Kim Kardashian thing going on with my behind, I want to try on both the XS and the S to see just how clingy the material is. After all, it's a thin jersey fabric and I do want to be able to wear this to work. At $148, I know that it's pretty expensive for what it is, just a simple jersey dress, but it's getting such fantastic reviews, so I feel like I should probably go for it now, especially with my gift card. After all, it may sell out before it ever makes it to the sale rack!

Well, I'm off to shovel more snow. Have a fantastic afternoon and I'll be back soon to show you my post-Christmas purchases!


  1. I love the pattern and colours of the soft structured dress- I don't know that the ruching in the front would be me, but it certainly looks fantastic on everyone who has posted about it!

    And I guess the benefit is that it likely works winter and spring...

    It's weird for us in wintery climes to see spring stuff so early- it's like the snow-covered fields dress from last winter- definitely not a winter dress!!

  2. Happy Shopping today! I HATE the cold and snow too. I'd take a summer scorcher any day. Can't wait to see your Anthro haul!

  3. Chrissy - on a side note, I want to add that image that's on your blog onto my blog, the click everyday "Animals Rescue Site Image".
    I'm a big animal lover too and wanna spread the love around. I couldn't find that image on their site so wanted to make sure it's ok with you if I use your image

  4. Lisa, absolutely, go for it! I can't even remember how I came across that image, but I think it was through the Animal Rescue Site's Facebook page.

  5. Good luck shoveling all your snow. I'm currently trying to get back to NYC and they are saying I can't get a flight until Thursday...uggghh!!!!

    Can't wait to see all of your post-Christmas purchases!

  6. Hey there! Your blog is wonderful, and you are just gorgeous! I'm sorry you aren't loving the snow... I live in Utah- home of gallons of snow and I love it. Although I did grow up in ca on the beach so I was not raised to love snow- it was an acquired taste if you will...
    I love this dress! Hope it works for you! Lucky you to have your gift cards!

  7. Britt, thank you so much for your sweet comments!

  8. I cant even imagine that much snow! I like visiting snow, but im sure living in it would be a nightmare. The third dress is my favorite, so beautiful!!

  9. I know; this is the problem with the fashion industry in general. They are too far ahead with the collections and it is not in keeping with the reality of the weather outside!

  10. With all the bad weather the East Coast has gotten, the only thing needed right now are a healthy dose of sweater dresses! Although I do love the print on that halter dress -- very pretty!