Monday, May 3, 2010

Anthropologie Reviews Galore!

Hi everyone, hope your Monday went well. I have to tell you, mine was quite exhausting...can hardly wait to see how the rest of this week plays out...if I survive it, lol!

As promised, I checked out the lastest addition to the Anthropologie store roster...the Chelsea Market location in NYC...and it was a heavenly experience! The store is so pretty and well-laid out, not to mention well-stocked!!!! They had so many items that I've been dying to try on. I was marching around the store with a mountain of clothes in my arms and a big ol' smile plastered across my face. I was able to do a lot of fitting room reviews for you guys, so without further ado, I present to you my latest list.

First up is the much-hyped Chocolate Chip Dress by Zehavale. When this first appeared on the website, I fell in love with it. The little cocoa squares, the name that invokes images of my favorite dessert of all time...but then I started reading other blog reviews that were less than favorable. I had very low expectations for this one when I put it on...but readers, I LOVE THIS DRESS! I am in 100% agreement with those of you who pointed out that the material is flimsy and quite scratchy. However, I think the look of the dress is simply adorable!!!! I tried this on in size 0 and the fit was absolutely perfect. It's really simple and chic, and it also has a big ol' bow in the back, which I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE. I must find a way to bring this one home with me!!!!!

Next, I thought I'd give Floreat's Anchors Away Dress a try. Yellow is a tricky color for my complexion, and this dress wasn't quite the bright marigold shade that I was hoping for, but it was cute nonetheless. I tried on the 0 and it fit me perfectly. I can even live with the white "pitchfork effect" on the bodice of the garment. Wouldn't pay full price, but I would definitely snap up this cutie if it ever goes on sale.

I moved on to a great little Moulinette Soeurs number, the Island Getaway Dress. I was immediately drawn to the colorful print and the amazing belt that cinches the waistline. The pattern is a little busy for my taste, but I can see how this would work as a great little go-to piece on a sunny, tropical getaway. I tried on the 0 and the overall fit was good. The killer for me were the ropes that help to hold up the "girls." I found them very uncomfortable and I'm all about ease and comfort when selecting the perfect vacation dress. Pass for me, but still a really cute dress!

I was over-the-moon with excitement when I spotted the Sweet Shoppe Dress by Maeve taunting me from the racks across the floor. This is one that I've really been salivating over and dying to try on. Guess what, it was the most overrated thing I've tried on in ages!!!! I was soooo disappointed! My goodness, I would feel foolish wearing this outside my home. I'm a fairly petite girl (only 5'4"), and this felt like a little nightgown. It's sweet and adorable with the candy-striped bodice and tiered ruffle skirt, but I really felt like I should be lounging on satin sheets, not jetting about town on a hot summer day. I tried on the size 2, as the 0 would have been super tight and binding in the bosom. This one is just really not my style on any level. PASS!!!

I also grabbed another Zehavale dress off the rack that I instinctively knew would never work out for me...and I was so correct! It's called the Hovering Dots Dress and this was the size 0. I adore the airy, floaty, ivory eyelet skirt and the polka dot bodice, but the cut of this dress was wrong for me on so many levels. Would be cute as a maternity dress, but definitely not for me!

Next up is a combination of 2 items that I absolutely adore. Here we have the size 0 Picture Frame Blouse by Odille paired with the Penciled Ambronia Skirt (no longer available online, but there were tons at the store in all sizes). Oh, how I love this dreamy green combo! The blouse fit me absolutely perfectly and looked super sexy with the size 2 pencil skirt. Gotta grab both of these items up before they're completely sold out in my size. I actually loved the top so much, I plan to pick it up in the gorgeous Sky Blue shade, as well.

I also managed to squeeze in (literally) a review of We Love Vera's Sketched Danios Dress. I really love the look of this dress. Even the fish don't creep me out TOO much. I thought I grabbed a size 2 and could barely put this on. No joke, I felt like I was in a sausage casing. Turns out that I mistakenly grabbed the zero. My booty is way too bodacious for this baby, but it's a very cute dress and I may give it a whirl in a bigger size.

I'll leave off now with this pretty, pink ruffled number, the Nexus Top by Deletta. I had high hopes for this top, but it didn't quite work out for me. I tried on the extra small and while I thought the details were lovely and amazing, the fit was way off. It was too large all around, plus it seemed to pull away from my body in a bizarre way on the left side. The symmetry was completely off. Too bad, because at just under $70, it's an affordable little piece in comparison with most Anthro items. Maybe it would work better on someone with a wider torso.

Whew, I'm exhausted all over again! Trying on all these clothes is WORK, lol. The one dress that I was dying to buy hadn't even made it to the store yet...Maeve's Impressionist Dream dress in those exquisite shades of teal and green. Maybe next week!

I hope everyone thoroughly enjoyed these reviews. Please let me know your thoughts! Have a fantastic evening!!!!


  1. The Chocolate Chip dress is lovely on you :) I tried it on the other day and I agree that it is not the most well made but it is still pretty lovely and flattering. Great reviews all around Chrissy :)

  2. I love the Chocolate Chip Dress on you! I was one of the reviewers who thinks the material is too cheap and scratchy to pay full price, but I did really like the look and fit :-)
    I also like the Sweet Shoppe Dress on you , though you should try the 0 on too! I tried the 2 and it was baggy up top, at first I thought I would get the 0 on, but I did and the fit was perfect. I don't think it looks like a nightgown -I don't know why everyone is saying that! For what it's worth - I think you're cute in it!
    Also adore the combo of the Pictureframe Blouse and Pencil Skirt - both are great on you.
    I tried the "Creepy Fish Dress" on too and hated it - the fish creeped me out and the fit was terrible - size 2 was too big everywhere, but pulled at the hips and the 0 was too tight.

  3. Ok, I like the creepy fish dress, they don't creep me out at all. I like the skirt on you too, looks good. I hope your planning a post for the tea dress you just located! I love that one and was so excited you found it!