Monday, January 18, 2010

Fitting Room Reviews

Hi Readers, how is everyone doing today? I had a nice, relaxing day off from work, and guess what, I decided to spend the afternoon in my favorite store!!! I haven't been over to Anthropologie for a few weeks (GASP!), but there were several items that I wanted to try on.

First off, we have the Tracy Reese Speckled Ink Dress ($158).

This dress would be perfect if it were a couple of inches longer, but I still really liked it! I tried this on in three different sizes, as Tracy Reese runs REALLY small, and found that the Small worked the best on my figure. It's a darker blue ink pattern than displayed in the catalog, but it's still beautiful, interesting, and I definitely think I need this for my spring/summer wardrobe...what do you think? (Please ignore the boots and think of this paired with some strappy, sexy summer sandals.)

Next up was the Moulinette Soeurs Longing-For-Yellow dress ($158)

I had high hopes for this dress after seeing it in the catalog and it did not disappoint. I pulled a size 0 and 2 and found that the 0 worked perfectly, since it's not a form-fitting dress on the bottom.

While it may scream "Stepford Wives" to some, everything about this dress is so light and airy and feminine...from the lovely lemon yellow color to the sweet embroidered pattern and A-line style. I would definitely recommend having a tailor remove the crinoline underneath, however. It bunches up in weird places and the dress doesn't fall properly, in my opinion. Definitely added to my wishlist.

On to a lovely trenchcoat by Idra, the Double Ruffle Trench ($168)

I didn't notice this online earlier, but the navy color and little ruffles down the front of the coat really caught my eye on the hanger. Not crazy about the 3/4 sleeves, though...why is it that so many coats have these short sleeves nowadays??? Not practical and ruins the line of the design for me, but I digress. I tried this on in size 0 and found it to fit very well, but I would wait for this one to go on the sale rack before purchasing.

Then I tried on this sunny cotton frock, Floreat's Solar Star Blouse ($98)

I almost passed up trying this on, but I'm so glad I didn't, because it looks much better on the body than it did on the table. The color is much more vibrant than these photos portray. I grabbed my usual size 0 and it fit really well in the shoulders and bust, while gently fanning away from the body at the waist. I did find the fabric to be a bit sheer, though, so more modest girls may want to throw a cami on underneath this. I can't really justify spending $100 on a cotton shirt, but it's going on my Wishlist.

Lime Juice Dress by Girls From Savoy ($138)

Readers, I truly had such high hopes for this dress, but it didn't work out for me! Everything was off about this, from the color, to the fit, to the ruffles at the neckline. In theory, I love the color green, but this particular shade did nothing for my skin tone. I felt a bit sickly with this on, as my complexion looked completely washed out. The other issue was the way it hung on me. Granted, I had to size up to a 2 because the 0's were gone, but this puckered at the waistline when I tied it and seemed so loose and baggy. I'm afraid that sizing down wouldn't have been much better, as it was already quite snug in the chest/shoulders.

Also, I'm only 5'4.5" (Yes, I have to throw that extra half inch in there, hahaha!), so the length was off on me, as well. Didn't like this enough to order a zero and alter, but I'm sure this would look lovely on someone slightly taller with a darker skin tone/hair color.

Moulinette Soeurs Dress (Blue Motif, not found on the website, $148)

Last, but not least, this lovely "mystery dress" by Moulinette Souers. Maybe I've overlooked this little gem, because I do not recall seeing this on the website, but this little darling was screaming to me from the hanger today. I love wrap dresses, and the color is absolutely gorgeous. It's such a perfect, feminine dress for those warm summer evenings. I tried this on in a 0 and 2, but found that the 0 fit better at the bust/waist.

If anyone knows the name of this dress, please let me know!


  1. I'm dying to find that wrap dress now (the last one). It looks so pretty and like it will fir my curvy self! I have the best luck with Moulinette Souers branded clothes.

  2. The dress is in NYC stores now and it is really gorgeous do not do it justice. A big bonus that it's my favorite color, too!:)

  3. Chrissy, I see that this dress is now available online. Can you answer a couple of questions for me? My store might not get it (it is a small store) so I would like to order it.I apprecaite your help!

    1. Is this a true wrap dress, or a faux wrap?
    2. How tall are you? (I am trying to judge length-apprpriateness on my tall frame!)
    3. Did you find it low cut, ie. would a larger-busted gal need to wear a cami?
    4. Is it lined?
    5. Are the sleeves sheer and fluttery?

    Thanks fo ryoue help! I'm going to add you to my blogroll over at musingsbyjacquelyn, too.

  4. Hi there, I was just going to post myself, as I saw that Anthro just added this today. Trust me, it is so much prettier in person. I probably never would have looked twice at it based on the website photo.

    Anyhow, it's definitely a true wrap dress and I did not find it low cut at all. It was a true knee-length dress on me, but even if you're tall, I do not think you'd find this dress obscenely short in any way. The sleeves are definitely a bit sheer and fluttery, but I didn't find them completely see-through or anything. The dress had a polyester lining, so you're covered there, as well.

    Thanks so much for adding me to your blogroll and I'll be sure to do the same for you!

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