Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Latest Wish List from Anthropologie

Wow, Anthropologie is just KILLING me (and my future budget) with all of these gorgeous new arrivals!!! So many items to choose from, but so little money!! I swear, walking into that store is like walking into a clothing minefield when it comes to my wallet...Here are a few of my latest "must have" pieces...

I'll start with this gorgeous silk top by Lil, the Gentle Waves Shell. The lovely turquoise and teal shades remind me of the Caribbean, and the ruffle down the front is so cute! I could pair this with so many adorable little skirts in my wardrobe. At $88, I'm adding this to my wish list.

Helloooooooo, Vanilla Bean Blouse by Yoana Baraschi! I know I've posted about you before, but where the hell have you been all of my life????? What's not to love about this gorgeous top? From the polka dots to the ruffled neckline, it makes me so glad to be a girl! The neutral shade will work with almost anything, too, so it's a versatile addition to any wardrobe. Can't wait to try this one on in person. It's a bit steep at $128, but if it fits well, it will have a permanent home in my closet.

Next, how cute is this Balletomane Tank by Burlapp??? I love the grayish-blue shade and the layers upon layers of ruffles adorning the front of the shirt. I am a bit concerned about the fit, as it looks very loose at the waist, but I will definitely be trying this on. At $78, the price isn't bad for such a stylish, adorable little top.

As a layering piece, I really like the Winding Road Tank, particularly the "red" shade (which looks more pink to me, at least online) by Little Yellow Button. Pop this little beauty underneath a white blazer, and you have office chic with a twist. Much cuter than your basic, ordinary tank, and for only $48, it's one of Anthro's most reasonably priced items.

There were some cute little dresses that I saw in the store over the weekend, as well, but they haven't made their grand appearance on the website as of yet. Dying to find out the name of the Moulinette Soeurs blue motif dress that I tried on below.

I'll leave off with that for now. After all, I could post on and on for the rest of the night, as there are probably 20-30 additional items that I am coveting. Hope you enjoy!

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