Friday, January 29, 2010

An Oldie But Goodie...

Hi, my lovely readers, Happy Friday once again! My favorite part of the week, and it's sure been a crazy one!

I'm getting so overwhelmed with all of the gorgeous new offerings on Anthro's website, so for a little diversion, I headed over to Ebay to check out what it had to offer...I constantly find beautiful, amazing pieces from old Anthro collections. Today did not disappoint, and guess what? I scored this amazing little dress from the 2008 Spring Collection, Maeve's Wye Valley Dress. I just fell in love with the pale yellow sateen fabric and those amazing flowers printed across the bottom of the entire dress, both front and back.

This dress makes me think of warm, sunny spring days, garden parties, green grass, and, well, what can I tell you??? I can't wait to wear this!!! It's gorgeous and I'm so happy that it's mine!:)

Did any of you recently score something awesome off of Ebay? Or have you brought something home from the new Anthro collection? Drop me a line and let me know!!!

Enjoy your Friday night, everyone!


  1. Hi Chrissy,

    That dress is gorgeous! What a lovely find!



  2. I am right there with you. Lately I've been on an Anthro hunt on Ebay and scored a couple of items, and currently bidding on something that by the end of the weekend needs to be mine!!! I've been able to snag a couple of skirts, but also love locating cutesy cardigans from seasons ago.

  3. I got the Familiar Places dress on ebay and LOVE It. That would be my best one to date. I also got the Boyer Cardi. Post on Roxy's blog--Trade Market, as I was able to find some of the things I wanted including the Budding T-Straps. Good LUCK.