Sunday, March 7, 2010

Amazing Oscar Fashion

Hello, readers, how are you? I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Our weather was absolutely gorgeous today, so I really enjoyed my day.

Of course, as everyone knows, tonight is the Academy Awards ceremony. I'm not a huge fan of award shows, as I find them too long and boring to sit through, but I always love to check out what the "beautiful people" are wearing. I've seen some horror shows so far tonight, but I've also spotted some amazing Red Carpet looks that deserve accolades...

Check out these lovely ladies below. These are my favorite "looks" so far tonight...

Cameron Diaz sparkles and glows in this lovely golden gown. I'm loving her long, tousled tresses, too...very vintage glamour at work here.


Demi Moore looks absolutely gorgeous, as well. Can you even believe that this woman is 47-years-old? Sure, she may have had some "help" along the way, but she is still a knockout.

I just LOVE this beautiful, nude color dress that she's wearing. The fitted bodice and ruffled skirt are to die for...this gown fits her to perfection. Neutral shades are all the rage this spring, so she's following all the right trends.


Another lady who looks absolutely lovely this evening is Sandra Bullock. Can't say that this is my favorite dress of the night, but it's definitely a classy, pretty gown and the overall look is quite beautiful.


Finally, a pop of color appears!!! I love the Bordeaux shade of Penelope Cruz's dress. The only thing missing is a brighter lipstick shade to make her pretty features stand out a bit more.


I love the design of Amanda Seyfried's gown. It's really a throwback to old Hollywood Glamour. I'd like it even more if the color was just a bit more saturated, but it's a lovely look nonetheless.


Well, readers, I hope you enjoy what's left of this lovely evening! Have fun drooling over the amazing Oscar fashion!

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