Thursday, March 4, 2010

Please help me locate this Anthropologie dress!

Hi guys, how are you? I really need your help...I'm obsessing over an old Anthropologie dress and I MUST find it! I lost out on this on Ebay about a month ago, and it hasn't reappeared in my size since that time. It's one of the "ones that got away" and I am just kicking myself for not bidding even higher!!!

Here it is, the Organdy Tea Dress by Elevenses from the Spring '05 collection. If anyone has a size 0, 2 or 4 that you would like to sell me, can you let me know ASAP? Contact me at:

I would be willing to pay a very fair price and would be eternally grateful!:)


  1. That dress is so beautiful! Good luck in your search!! :)

  2. Oy, that is a beautiful dress. Any luck finding it? Perhaps post on Roxy's blog, to see if the gals there can help??

  3. Sadly, I've had NO LUCK in finding this! Can any readers help? I keep posting on Roxy's blog every week, but I don't think anyone wants to give this one up!