Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More Cute Items from Anthro!:)

Hi guys, how are you? Are you all enjoying the latest round of Fresh Cuts over on the Anthropologie website? So many great items...grab them while you can!!!

I've been seeing a few cute new additions, as well, so I'm going to share a few of my faves...some pretty dresses, adorable tops, etc. Shall we take a look?

I just love, love, LOVE this sweet little tank by Deletta. Such a vibrant, fresh color for summer, and you guys should know by now that I love my flowers...how cute is that rose at the neckline??? It's called the Growing Conditions Tank, and it's priced at $68, which is practically free by Anthropologie's standards, lol!

Next up, we have some pretty new offerings from Leifsdottir. As usual, the prices are absolutely insane, but I do love these and would consider them on sale.

Bamboo Garden Dress by Leifsdottir ($288)

What a brilliant ray of sunshine this little dress is! I just love the bright shade of yellow, the twisty bodice, and the bubble hemline of the skirt. The back of this is the real surprise...definitely can't wear this one to the office, but it's both sweet and sexy with the fabric cutouts and the big bow.

I'm absolutely in love with this next item, Leifsdottir's Gilded Garden Dress ($328). Yikes, this price is too rich for my blood, but I think the lime green print against the embroidered gold waistband is simply breathtaking. The shape of the skirt is very unusual, which could either be good or bad, so I will have to try this one on to decide. The back of the dress also features a peekaboo triangle. So cute, so different!

I'll leave off with something a bit more casual...the Poured Paint Tank. I actually don't see a designer listed along with the product description, but this top is priced at $68 and looks super cute and comfortable! The white jersey fabric is awash with streaks of color...definitely different than your average, ordinary summer tank. The beautiful flower blooms are placed differently on each top, so you truly will own a "one-of-a-kind" item should you choose to bring this one home!

What are your new favorite items? Did you scoop up something amazing on sale? Let me know, I love hearing about your purchases!!

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