Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gorgeous Springtime Dresses from Nordies

Hi guys, how are you? We're having a lovely weekend here in the Big Apple...sunshine, blue skies, temps on the rise...can't wait for Spring to arrive!!!

You know, I spend so much time obsessing over Anthropologie items, I sometimes feel as though I forget that there are LOTS of stores in the world that have amazingly beautiful items!!!

In search of something new, I headed over to Nordstrom's website and was rendered speechless when I came across all the lovely items! I'm the kind of girl who loves to wear dresses more than anything in this world, so of course, I headed straight for the Women's "Day Dress" section online.

Check out these gorgeous offerings! I'm so excited to see so many fresh, vibrant colors and crisp, tailored lines. I'm getting a little tired of the layering and bulk that often comes along with the winter wardrobe.

Maybe one of you will snap up one of these lovelies on your next shopping splurge!

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Wow the dresses are so cute^ ^ I have not browsed the Nordstrom website for a while: thanks for letting me know!
    I absolutely love the first white shirt dress, however it seems I cannot find it on the sale site: would you please let me know the link if it's okay? Thanks a bunch!

  2. Hey there, aren't those dresses something else? So pretty! I'm editing my post, because I think I gave the wrong impression with my wording...these are not sale dresses, but regular priced ones under the Day Dresses section. See link to white dress below:

  3. Thanks so Chrissy:)
    oh the white shirt dress sold out of my size...sigh...
    I like this one as well:
    also sold out of my size...- -//

  4. Wow, that Ralph Lauren dress is so gorgeous! I normally take 2's in dresses, or even zero if it's J Crew or Anthro, but I see there are none left in either the white dress or the one you just gave the link to.:( I tell you, I'd seriously consider buying the 4 in the Ralph Lauren dress and altering...hmmm...

  5. Yeah I think we are about the same size...
    don't worry while some dresses sell out, other gorgeous ones would keep popping up:) so I call that selling-out thing "passive selection" ;-P