Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend Fitting Room Reviews

Hi out there to all my lovely readers! I hope you're enjoying a wonderful weekend thus far. I'm kicking back and relaxing on this gray, cloudy Sunday...catching up on some much-needed R&R before the craziness of another work week is upon us.

As promised, I made my way over to Anthropologie yesterday to scout out the latest goods. I was a bit disappointed, I have to admit. Seemed like the store was pretty picked over and I didn't see a ton of new merchandise; at least not much that caught my eye. I didn't see that gorgeous new Anna Sui lace inset dress that I raved about in my last post, either.

I grabbed a few things that DID catch my attention and made my way to the dressing room. So, without further ado, here's my take on these cute items...and yeah, please excuse the flash in every photo. I desperately need a new camera, and find that without using the flash on this one, I can't see any of the detail on the garments that I photograph.

First up, I was pleasantly surprised to come across this whimsical Girls from Savoy pastel dot dress that has yet to appear on the website. After seeing it reviewed by another blogger last week, I've been dying to check it out for myself. However, I couldn't find both a size 0 and a 2 (I usually like to try on both sizes at Anthro), so I had to stick with reviewing the smaller size. Normally in this brand, this is not a problem, but I could barely zip the 0 up around my ribcage and once I did, it was very uncomfortable. Maybe the 2 would have worked out better, but I wasn't sold on the shape of the dress. I do like the cute little polka dots on the pattern, but find that the color scheme didn't really work well with my milky complexion. This could be cute on someone with a darker or more olive complexion, though, but I'm going to have leave this one on the rack. Pass.

"Cooling Palette Dress" by Girls from Savoy

Next up, I tried on the vibrant, colorful cotton floral Homegrown Dress by Moulinette Soeurs. It looked super pretty on the rack, but that's where I should have left it, lol. Readers, if you have a petite frame, this dress will NOT work for you on any level. I tried on the size 0 and was literally swimming in this frock! So disappointing, because the pattern is really lovely and so fresh for the summer. I zipped it up and the fabric was gaping along the bodice...I literally had 2 or 3 inches of extra material on each side of my waist. Also, the skirt was so large and poufy, I looked like I was ready to take flight, lol. Strike Two.

Pretty pattern, but this looked like a circus tent on my small frame.

I was starting to feel really annoyed by the time I tried on this third dress. Was I going to strike out completely here? It's so rare for me to go into the fitting room and walk away empty-handed!!!! Never fear, though, readers...this dress improved my mood immensely! It's another lovely offering from Girls from Savoy, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite Anthropologie brands.

Behold, the Traced Twirls Dress. I felt absolutely amazing in this one. It truly has a vintage movie star glamour about it, and the fit is sublime. I love how it nips in at the waist, giving the illusion of being teeny-tiny, then flares out at the hips in the classic A-line shape. I didn't even mind the length of this, although it's longer than I normally prefer my dresses to fall on my 5'4" frame. I definitely MUST get this one when I get paid!

Excuse the boots...not trying to go for the Cowgirl look here. I really must remember to wear heels when I hit up these fitting rooms!:)

Last but not least, I did manage to find that new green cardigan from Wendi Reed that I've been coveting ever since it first appeared online a few weeks ago. Called the Blooming Lattice Cardigan, it also comes in navy, but I didn't even bother to try on that shade, as my closet is already jam-packed with all shades of blue.

I really love this little sweater!!! The green is such an eye-popping, amazing shade and the lattice and leaves detailing along the neckline is adorable. Aside from the fact that it's definitely a cropped sweater (fine for me, but taller gals beware), it runs really, really small. This one was even smaller than the Felted Lei Cardigan that I bought back in December, same brand.

I would probably take this in a small instead of my usual XS, but may even try a medium before making the final decision. If you have average to large size "girls," you may find that this sweater pulls the snaps open along the bustline. That being said, I really do love this and think it would be adorable over a couple of my airy summer dresses.

Whew, that was quite a session of reviews. Hope you enjoyed it, and I'll be back later to dish the dirt on more great fashion! Have a great day!


  1. Love that cardi - did you end up getting it?? i have so little green in my wardrobe (just not usually drawn to green for some reason), that I'm thinking of picking it up myself.

    As for that polka dress... I got to say, I really LOVE it. I've got ZERO need for it myself, but I thought you looked super adorable in it!

    Have a good Monday :)

    Emily @

  2. Still haven't gotten the cardi yet.

    I also think the polka dot dress is adorable. Maybe in the size 2, I would have loved it more, but it wasn't the most flattering color scheme against my pale, pale skin...and I'm not one for tanning, either.