Friday, March 19, 2010

Back from the Void

Hi guys, I'm soooo sorry that I've been MIA for the past week or's been a crazy life, lol!

I'm so excited to see the Spring weather here in full force this weekend...NYC is experiencing some amazing weather and I intend to enjoy each and every minute of it!

I've been a little low on cash lately, so I haven't been able to splurge on any pretty new things, but here's what I plan to buy when I get my next paycheck.

Behold, the lovely, crisp, clean Beda dress from Anthropologie!!!

The website photos do not appear to do this dress justice...there are some lovely details along the bodice and throughout the dress that do not photograph well.

I just think white dresses are so fresh and pretty for warm weather, so I really want this one to work out for me!

It's getting fab reviews online, so I can't wait to see it in person. Hasn't hit the NYC stores yet, at least not that I've seen.

Have any of you had a chance to try this one on? If so, please let me know if you're happy with it, how it fits, etc. I'm on the fence as to whether or not I should size down to a 0.

Have a fabulous weekend and Happy Shopping!:)


  1. Hi sweetie -

    I pray you're having a whimsical & lovely weekend! Thank you bunches for dropping by my little corner of the web. Aren't those paint-like photos breathtaking?! I frequent the fashion site, live journal @ & I was doing a search for editorials & just happen to stumble upon those lovely photos & I got so excited & knew I had to share them with my readers. You are more than welcome to use them, my dear. I think your readers will go gaa-gaa over them! Please stop back soon!


  2. I've tried it on. :) I actually bought it and am impatiently waiting for warm weather so I can wear it out. It gives your body such a beautiful shape, the bodice is nice and close fitting and the skirt is full without being puffy. I tend to buy clothes in the same colors and white is one of the bad repeat offenders. I tried to tell myself I didn't need another white dress but it fit so well, I couldn't resist!