Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Need These In My Life...

Hello readers, hope your week is going well! It's almost Friday...hooray! NYC is set to experience some amazing warm and sunny weather this weekend, so I can't wait to enjoy every moment of it!

Well, we all know that Anthropologie has once again outdone itself with the latest Spring catalog. Every time I visit the site or other blogs, the drooling begins all over again. So many things to choose from, yet so little money! LOL! I think I'd better start reading some of the budget blog posts to reign myself in.

That being said, I know that some of you bloggers have already done a wonderful recap of this week's new items, so I won't bore everyone to death by rehashing the same thing. I just want to share with all of you what particularly stood out to me. Some of these beauties are going to find a new home in my closet.:)

Hope you enjoy all the fabulous eye candy!

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