Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Finds...

Hey everyone, hope your day is going great!!! It's Friday, yay! Time to relax and forget about all the pressures of the work week. I'm taking a vacation day today, so I'm getting in plenty of R&, I have extra time to cruise the web for more fabulous finds.

I'm telling you, Anthropologie is simply KILLING me with their spring items! Everything is so frilly and girly...right up my alley! I noticed a few new additions that I hadn't seen before...hope you like them!:)

First up is this gorgeous, creamy little top from Hype, the Dauphine Blouse. How amazing is this???!!! It has eyelets and ruffles and lace...what more could a girl ask for??? At $118, this is a bit expensive for me at the moment, but I'm going to try very hard to add this one to my wardrobe. LOVE IT!!!

Next, we have this lovely gray McKay Tank by Deletta. I'm such a sucker for anything with a bow, and I also adore those fabric-covered beads adorning the neckline. The gray shade is very pretty, too, and works well with my coloring (also comes in Navy). It does appear to have a boxy fit, though, so I will have to try this one on in the store before purchasing.

This beautiful, feminine Nostalgic Lace Skirt by Peyton has finally made an appearance online...I fell in love with it when I saw it in the catalog. I do wish it was white instead of the ivory/cream shade that Anthro is currently obsessed with this season, but it's a very versatile piece that could work well with a lot of tops in my wardrobe. I'm hoping that it's truly knee-length, as well, as so many of the skirts have been way too short for my taste lately.

Last up is this adorable, sweet little cardigan by Wendi Reed, the Parted Petals Cardigan...I LOVE THIS! It is so cute with that big ol' flower centerpiece. I'm a little confused, because it's listed as being yellow on the website, but I'd swear it has more of a beige/neutral background color. Will have to head out to Anthropologie this weekend to check this out in person.

Anyone hitting the stores this weekend? Drop me a line and tell me all about the latest retail damage you've done!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!

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