Wednesday, February 3, 2010

About To Go Broke....

Hi readers, how are you???!!!! Wow, I've had a super crazy couple of days, but I'm back to check in with everyone! Been keeping my eyes glued to Anthropologie's website constantly, and noticed a few new items that are super cute.

I don't even know how I'm going to pay my bills this season...Anthro's spring collection is truly killing me, and it's still super early!

Here's my latest wish's made up of some new items, as well as a few that have been in stores and/or online for a minute now...Enjoy the eye candy!

I just adore the gorgeous little Storybook Tank from Little Yellow Button. The deep purple shade is just beautiful, and I love the little corsage detail!!! Would be cute as a stand-alone or as a layering piece, and at $68, it's one of the more "reasonably" priced items at Anthro.

Next up, we have this cute little t-shirt, the Melillia Bud Tee by C. Keer. I'm usually not one to spend $60 on a t-shirt, but this one is not your ordinary, run-of-the mill tee. It has gorgeous needlepoint and embroidery along the front, and it's such a fresh, pretty shade of green! Reminds me of sunny spring days and freshly cut grass. The ruffled sleeves are another cute touch. This one is definitely going on my wish list, as well.

Another shirt that I am LOVING is this navy striped little number, Odille's Striped Pursuit Top. This cutie has been in stores for quite awhile now, but it caught my eye immediately. I'm a sucker for stripes and the color blue, and this nautical-inspired number is going to come home with me soon!

Rounding up my latest list of tops is Bailey 44's Roots & Wings Tunic. Now, I normally avoid tunics at all costs. I'm only 5'4" tall, and I'm not looking to shorten my legs any more. However, I'm drawn to the soft shade of gray and gathered detail along the mid-section, and doesn't it look super comfy???? I could stuff my face with pasta and bread and nobody would even know! I do hope it doesn't fit like one of those baby doll/maternity tops that were so popular last year, though. Those were so unflattering on my petite frame.

Given my misgivings, I'll definitely have to try this one on in the store, but it's worth a shot.

Moving beyond tops, I found 2 cute coats that really caught my eye. The first one is this sunny yellow Kensington Jacket by Leifsdottir. It's the perfect spring trench with an adorable grosgrain ribbon trim, but at nearly $500, I almost choked on my coffee! Leifsdottir's prices are just out of control!!

The last item is this Rippling Pond Jacket by Tabitha. The cascading ruffles are so gorgeous, and the light beige shade will compliment almost anything that you pair this with. It's a real toss-up for me between selecting this or the Curio Collar Jacket (shown here)...who knows, I may just have to snap up both!:)

Anyway, dear readers, I hope you enjoyed this photo essay of my latest wishes and dreams! Perhaps you saw something that you liked, as well. Feel free to drop me a line and tell me what you recently bought/hope to get from our fave store!


  1. ooh i haven't seen these arrivals yet! i love the storybrook tee (plum has become my favorite color) and the green bud tee. i gotta stay away from anthro though....still recovering from previous months. sigh.

  2. I adore anything in plum, as well! It's so flattering on nearly everyone's skin tone!

    I really need to avoid Anthro for quite awhile myself! It's crazy, I did so much damage recently!

  3. The striped pursuit top is my favorite, but then again, I'm mad for nautical tops. I just love how it gathers in the middle.