Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lustworthy Items at Anthropologie

Hey readers, how are you?? I'm taking a quick break from tonight's Olympic Games on t.v. Just saw the most amazing snowboarding competition and I'm totally pumped up now! GO USA!

As usual, I spent part of my day browsing Anthropologie's website in search of recent additions and have come up with yet ANOTHER list of items that I MUST have!!! I'm going to have to get a second (maybe third!!!) job just to support this shopping habit of mine, lol! I present to you my latest list below...

Fancy That Tank by Bordeaux...comes in 3 colors, but I only like the "Sky" version and wish they made this in additional light colors. To me, the orange shade is just "okay" and the details don't translate well at all in the black version.

I think this is super cute and the neutral grayish-blue shade will work well with a wide variety of colors in one's wardrobe.

This is already selling amazingly well, both online and in stores, so I suggest that we grab this one up before it's too late!

Two Paths Trench by Idra...inspired by a very pricey, very gorgeous coat made by Burberry. For under $200, this is a good option for those of us without an amazing cash flow.

The Traversing Dress is another lovely offering from Moulinette Soeurs. I adore anything in navy, and the eyelets and printed silk sash really refine the look of this dress. I am a little concerned about coverage in the front of the dress, though. I'm assuming it will have some sort of liner around all those openings near the bust, because I would hate to have to wear a camisole underneath this.

Finally, we have this sweet little Peeking Lace Blazer by Tabitha. Pinstripes and peekaboo lace, how adorable!!

What new items are calling out to you? Have you made any purchases this week? I can't wait to hit up Anthro over the weekend, because there are so many items that I'm dying to try on and view in person!


  1. ooh i like the fancy that tank and peeking lace blazer. both are adorable.

  2. I seriously need that Two Paths Trench in my life!! I want that and Rippling Pond jacket - decisions decisions. I'll probably get neither unless I get another job!