Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gorgeous New Arrival!

Hi, lovely readers, how are you? Are you all enjoying some R&R away from work/school???

I am just LOVING nearly every new item that Anthropologie is introducing as part of their Spring Collection! I tell ya, they're killing me, though! Each month, I diligently sit down and map out an Excel spreadsheet of my new, lean and mean monthly budget, chart out all the money that I plan to save, and then POOF! All plans evaporate in a cloud of dust when I see something amazing that I want to buy! It's really sad, and I really need to exercise more willpower...;)

But, dear readers, how can I pass up lovely items such as this new offering below? Just look at this gorgeous new dress by Maeve, the Impressionist's Dream Dress.

Could the color combination be any more perfect? The silkscreen floral pattern is so beautiful, and truly looks like a wearable work of art. I am such a sucker for anything blue and green, so this one is just screaming my name. Can't wait to try it on and (hopefully) bring it home! As soon as this one hits my local store, I promise to do a fitting room review for you guys!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and let me know if any of you had a chance to try this one on yet!


  1. Hey I believe the dress would look gorgeous on you! oh and the whole monthly budget thing: I promise I started this month determined to save money...and now just a bit over halfway...I realize to my horror that I just have enough to food and other necessities...- -//
    but hey each time I look into my closet, I kinda feel it's all worth it;-P

  2. I just adore this dress, and I think it would be fabulous on you. Is there an Anthro Junkie support group we can join? Anthro is killing my budget every month too!!