Friday, April 23, 2010

New Anthropologie Eye Candy

Hi everyone! Wow, another Friday night is here and another crazy work week is FINALLY over! I'm just kicking back and vegging out on my couch tonight. Nothing like a little R&R to gear up for some good times over the weekend. It's going to be a busy one for me, but I still hope to make it down to the new Anthropologie store that just opened in NYC. There are so many lovely new items that I can't wait to try on!

Here are a few of my latest faves...

Starting things off, we have the amazing Nexus Top by Deletta. This one is really "to die for," in my opinion. It's so feminine and simply gorgeous! I especially love the pink version...I think it'll be a nice contrast against my light hair and fair skin. The price is pretty good (for Anthropologie), as well, ringing in at $68. I'm a total sucker for rosettes and ruffles, and this one has oodles and oodles of goodness.:)

This next item is super cute, as well. It's Maeve's darling little Sweet Shoppe Dress and it reminds me of a strawberry cupcake!:) I just adore the candy-striped bodice and the pretty layers on the skirt. This one has the potential to be just a bit over-the-top "precious," though, so I'll definitely have to check this out in person before purchasing.

Up next is something different and a product that would normally not catch my attention...a tunic! Here we have the lovely Lissome Ruffles Tunic by Odille. I'm not one to wear tunics often, as I'm only 5'4" and they tend to make my legs look really short, but this one is so pretty! I love the ruffled details on the front and the amazing blue color. I could pair this with white pants for a cool, casual summer look. This one is definitely going on my Wish List.

What am I going to do, readers??? These new offerings are ruining my savings plans! I really need to try to curtail my spending big time, but I can't seem to stop myself!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I'll be hitting those fitting rooms, so be sure to check back soon for the latest and greatest (and not so great) reviews!:)


  1. Ha, I just posted the Nexus Top and Sweet Shoppe Dress on my blog too - I'm drooling over both!

  2. I think these 2 items are probably picks on all of our blogs, lol! Can't wait to see them in person. My store had better have them.

    I saw our beloved Chocolate Chip dress on another blog today. It was cute, but I was underwhelmed. That's why I love seeing the fitting room reviews so much!

  3. All three of these are so over-the-top pretty.

    I've curtailed my spending this month with a total shopping ban. That seems to be easier for me than trying to informally cut back on what I spend.

  4. I have put all 3 in my wishlist! I'm wondering if I could use that last tunic as a dress! I am a shorty at 4'11". Hope you can make it to the new Anthropologie store! How exciting! I get to visit one in a week, yay! The nearest ones are 2 hours away! :(