Saturday, April 10, 2010

Amazing New Arrivals

Hi readers, how are you on this lovely Saturday afternoon? Can you believe all of the beautiful new arrivals that are tempting us over at Anthropologie??? My goodness, every time I browse the site, it seems like there is something even newer and more beautiful to blow my mind. I need to hit the lottery, like, right now, lol!

Here are some of my favorite new items. I'll start off with the lovely Chocolate Chip Dress by Zehavale. I mean, that name alone made me rush to get a closer look, and I was certainly not disappointed by what I saw. I love the cocoa and cream pattern, the adorable ruffled hemline, and the beautiful bow in the back. It's really sweet, feminine, and just plain lovely. Can't wait to try this on, so I hope my store gets this really soon!

Next up is an amazing little number (also by Zehavale) called the Hovering Dots Dress. I just love the contrast between the dark, speckled bodice and the flowing ivory and eyelet skirt. Now, this dress could potentially be beautiful on the body or a total disaster, depending on the fit, but it sure looks promising at first glance!

This next dress is earning rave reviews on many blogs, and I can certainly see why! It's the Rhomboid Rush Dress by Girls from Savoy. It looks adorable and the fit has been pretty darn amazing on almost every body type that's tried this on.

Another new addition is the pretty Spring Green version of the ever-popular Beda Dress by Maeve, which I have yet to try on. My goodness, is this one ever flying off the shelves and racking up the rave reviews on the website.

For my coloring, I actually prefer this bold green color to the white version, which would probably wash me out somewhat. Another cutie added to my Wish List!!

Last, I just love this dainty little eyelet creation by Floreat, the It's Your Move Skirt. The candy-colored speckles, the! This one is just too cute! I just bought an ivory-colored eyelet skirt, so I'm not sure I need yet another light-colored skirt in my closet, but this one is really, really tempting me! What do you think, readers?

Whew, my wallet (and my willpower) really can't take all this temptation! Maybe I'll see some of these goodies in the store this weekend! Have a great day everyone, and be sure to let me know if you see any of these items in person.


  1. wow I love the Rhomboid Rush Dress~ I just went to Anthro this afternoon and saw this beauty...waiting for a sale...- -//
    I did not dare try it on though 'cos I'm afraid the moment I put it on I'll not wanna take it off again unless I walk out with

  2. I'm dying for that chocolate chip dress too! I bought the Battenberg today at the 5th avenue store- which one do you usually shop? They had a lot there, but my usual size 4 was gone, It must run big though because I ended up taking home a size 2.

  3. That's my store! I was in there this afternoon around 3 or 4 trying on a TON of dresses! I tried that one on in size 2 myself, although I didn't love it on me as much as I had hoped.
    Still waiting to find the Chocolate Chip Dress!