Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Work of Art

Hi guys, how are you? Hope everyone is having a fantastic start to their weekend! I'm looking out my window and it's a breathtakingly beautiful Spring morning in NYC! Everything feels so fresh and new!

I see that Anthropologie continues to add new items to their already amazing current lineup. This little top really caught my eye! The color is gorgeous and the print is just amazing! Note the adorable little sailboats. I really think this one looks like a painting!!! Can't wait to scout the stores and try it on.

Wild Imagination Tank by Rebekah Maysles

This also comes in a mustard yellow floral motif that is equally as cute.

The other top that really blew me away is the Lacey Lanes Tank by Little Blue Bird. The lilac and lace combo is just gorgeous. I just hope it doesn't run big and baggy. I'm very narrow from my shoulders through my waist, and some of the most beautiful Anthro tops have proven to be too large for me. Will definitely give it a try, though, as I adore all shades of lilac and lavender.

Okay, lovelies, hope you enjoy your day and please report back to me if you scored an amazing item!

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