Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Fitting Room Reviews!

Hi, my darling readers, hope your week is going well! Only a few more days until the weekend, thankfully!:)

Last Sunday, I finally had some time to head over to Anthropologie to try on some of the latest items. There were some nice surprises and some disappointments, all of which will be detailed in my reviews below.

Let's begin with Anna Sui's Rising Battenberg Dress. Oh, dear readers, this one had me swooning from the get-go. It practically leapt off the website and shouted out my name. I was so entranced by the gorgeous lace details and the unusual color combination. I have to be super honest with you guys, though. I was bitterly disappointed with this one, a shocker since it looked really nice on a few of the bloggers who also had a chance to try it on.

First of all, the fit was horrendous. I tried on a size 2 (and I can assure you, if I had plans to eat while wearing this dress, the 0 would have proven way too small), and it was incredibly unflattering. The entire top of the dress fit like a big, square box, and my small waistline nearly disappeared completely. The fluttery design of the skirt did not seem to gel with the top of the dress, either. Then, let's talk about the color...this dress was so shiny, it practically glowed against my skin, and the orange-hued ombre gradation at the bottom was almost garish.

I was incredibly disappointed. This had all the makings of the perfect dress, but to me, it was incredibly ill-fitting and almost gaudy. Gotta pass this one up!!!

See how boxy the bodice is?

The lace embroidery is very ornate, but left me feeling as though I had donned a doily!!!

Next up, I tried on the popular Rhomboid Rush Dress by Girls From Savoy. I started off with the size 2, but the armholes were absolutely huge and the stomach/backside puffed out big time, adding an extra 10-15 pounds to my frame. Switching over to the size zero, the fit was much sleeker and more tailored to the lines of my body, but again, what's with the huge armholes??? You'll notice in my pics below that I have several extra inches of fabric underneath my arm, just hanging there. Also, while the dress appeared to fit very well in the front, when I turned for a sideways view, I noticed the same puckering around the stomach and booty.

I cannot understand the fit on this dress, as it wasn't ME adding this extra bulk in front and back. I actually had plenty of room to breathe, even in the zero. I notice that the model on Anthro's site has this same issue, so it's just an ill-fitting dress. Too bad, because the color and pattern are really pretty and would flatter most skin tones.

Notice how huge the armholes are...this is a 0!!!

The fabric puckered up in the tummy and behind...very strange, bad fit on an otherwise pretty dress. No way for even the best tailor to nip and tuck this one to perfection.

I was really feeling super frustrated at this point, but it was on to Floreat's Knotted Poppies Dress. Oh, my goodness, how I just adore the gorgeous teal colors and amazing floral pattern on this dress. The shades are much more vibrant and beautiful in person. The website images do not do this one justice. It looked a little small, so I tried it on in size 2, which fit perfectly around the hips, but ran a bit large in the bust. Blue is definitely my favorite color, so I think I'll snap this one up and have my brilliant tailor adjust the top so it fits a bit more snugly.

Close-up of the gorgeous print and yellow sequin flower details.

Taking a break from simply trying on dresses, I was happy to try on the Curling Posies Cardi by Guinevere in the amazing robin's egg blue shade. I grabbed this in my usual XS and I love it!!! The color is so beautiful! My blue eyes were poppin' big time against this one!:) The fit was snug in the arms, but not so much that it would deter me from purchasing this. I can throw this on over tons of my spring/summer outfits for a perfect, lightweight coverup. I actually tried this one on over the white Beda dress and it was perfection!

A shot of the lovely Beda Dress, size 2. So pretty, but loose on top. Will be trying a size 0 next time!

Well, everyone, gotta get back to work over here, but I hope you enjoyed my reviews! I really try to be as honest as I can when reviewing a garment, so please don't be offended if I seemingly trash an item that you love and/or purchased. A lot of things just work better on other people.:)

Have a wonderful day and I'll be back soon to discuss more great fashion!


  1. So sorry that the Rising Battenberg Dress was such a disappointment :-( I hate when that happens.
    I won't even bother to try the Rhomboid Dress on after your refer - gaping armholes are often my enemy, so I won't go there w/this dress.
    I, on the other hand, love the Beda Dress and Knotted Poppies Dress on you - both are stunning!

  2. Trust me, I wanted to cry when I tried on that Anna Sui dress and saw the result!!

    Thx about the other 2 dresses...they will be coming home with me next payday, I hope!:) Do you think I should stick with the Beda in size 2 and belt it, or go down to a zero? There were none in stock to try on.

  3. I'm so sad that you didn't like the Rising Battenberg Dress! Especially since you had such high hopes for it. However, I do think that it looks lovely on you! :)

    The Beda dress looks great too. I hope to try it on when I visit Anthro on Friday night.

  4. I have to learn not to build up my excitement about a dress until I see it on. I do this all the time, but this one is really unique. It looked great on you, though, so it's all in the fit and the coloring of the wearer.

    Definitely try on the Beda dress. I have the feeling I'm going to see a million girls on the street with that dress this summer, though, lol.

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  6. That's so sad about those first 2 dresses! Those were possible runners up for my high school reunion. I already got the Sunrise and Midnight dress, but I wanted some options. Thanks for those reviews!

    I love the Knotted Poppies, but I keep hearing it's big in the chest and I'm so not big in the chest, so that's not good for me either. It looks great on you though, as well as the Beda dress. Are you liking the white or green?

  7. Gemma, I really like the white Beda Dress! I thought for sure I'd go for the gorgeous emerald green, but I really love white for summer. I'm going to order that. Still undecided if I should try to locate a 0 through customer service, or if I should grab the 2 and buy a belt. Advice?

  8. You are talking to me about the Rising Battenberg, aren't you?! haha! I actually think you look really lovely in it :)
    BUT, if your not feeling it, your not feeling it! The knotted poppies dress is beautiful!

  9. Hey Chrissy. Was there a size 0 in your store to try on? Hmm, I guess not if you would need call customer service to find one. The 2 looks good from the picture, but I can't see every detail. Ultimately, it comes down to comfort and you should get the one you feel most comfortable in. So, maybe you'd have to find a 0 and make sure...? Good luck and let us know which size you chose!

  10. Bummer about the Rhomboid Blush Dress. I'm going to San Francisco next week and the dress was on my "to try" list. Do love the Beda dress on you. After seeing it on you and Kim, I'm going to give it a try ;). The white is perfection. Btw...I completely agree with Gemma re size issue.

  11. Thank you for your kind-hearted comment on my post about my dog. About these dresses: I can so definitely relate to the problem of clothes being too big even in the smallest sizes! That is the story of my life. But I think the Beda dress in particular looks very nice on you.