Monday, June 14, 2010

Birds of Paradise

Hey everyone, hope you had a great start to your week! I, for one, already cannot wait for the weekend to arrive! Come back, lovely days off!

I had a serious case of the Monday Blues this morning, but my mood immediately brightened when I surfed on over to Anthropologie's website and saw 2 new Nathalie Lete dresses featured. If you've read my earlier posts, you'll know that I simply adore this lady's designs. I'm so glad she decided to branch out into clothing and create these beautiful, limited-edition pieces for Summer 2010. I hope that she'll collaborate with Anthro on some Fall looks, as well.

Anyhow, this stunning little number really caught my eye. It's called the Pigment & Canvas Dress and it's a visual masterpiece! Simply a breathtaking work of art. Look at those gorgeous birds! Now, I normally shy away from garments featuring images of animals, but this one is so unique, I may have to cave and purchase it. (Readers, I LOVE animals so very much, just not usually on my clothing.;))

What do you girls think? It's super pricey at $248. Do you like it? Is it too whimiscal? Should I give it a whirl?


  1. beautiful. I noticed both dress........

  2. I think it's super cute but the price tag is a bit scary! Wonder what it looks like on though.

  3. Believe me, that price tag terrifies me, and truth be told, I have no business buying a dress that expensive...BUT, that's not to say that I won't, lol.

  4. Oh I fell in love with that dress the moment I saw it this afternoon as well! but again yeah the price...not sure if it would hold on to sale though...
    that said, I'm seriously thinking about getting one of these two dresses: the Stemmed Sweetbriar Dress or the Caballo Falls Dress (just came out in navy:)
    what do you think?
    (I did not wear blue/green much before: it must be some Chrissy influence/inspiration/temptation/... thing there;-P)

  5. OMG, I just saw the navy Caballo Falls dress!!! I love it even more than the turquoise version. I did NOT see this new color, so thanks for pointing it out! I NEED THIS!

    I also love the Stemmed Sweetbriar Dress. That light blue is such a pretty shade! Yes, people, it's pretty, lol!

  6. IrisDolls, if I had to choose between the 2 blue dresses, I'd say go with the Caballo Falls Dress. I think it's more wearable. The Sweetbriar Dress looks more fit for a wedding shower or something like that.

  7. so pretty- big price tag though. Especially for something that likely won't transition to fall or winter. Do you have something special coming up that would warrant the price?

  8. Spiffy, I honestly don't have an occasion coming up that warrants the price...but it's so unique and pretty. I was hoping it would be at least $50 less than it is, and I know it won't hold to the sale. Sigh, I'll probably have to pass.

    You're right in saying that it's not a transitional piece for fall and winter.

  9. Thanks so for the advice Chrissy~yeah I also kinda feel the Caballo Falls dress would be more wearable...(like remotely wearable to school?*- -*)
    please may there be an occasion to justify the wished-for purchase...
    (maybe I can imagine falling in love and wearing this to a date: hey there's always the possibility!~lol~)

  10. Super cute dress!

    Cute outfit!

    Love the blog! following yours. Please check out mine and follow too if you like it when you get a chance.

  11. oh gee.. the price is a bit up there, but it's definitely a lovely piece! :D

    Animated Confessions

  12. i LOVE this dress, but am defineitly going to have to wait for a sale if i want it to be mine! i think it's totally you and if you would regret not buying it, i'm pretty sure that you probably should. :)

  13. I really will regret not buying it. I can see that it's one of those items that I'll be stalking Ebay to find a few months from now. I just wish I had more $$$ to better afford all these pretties!:)

  14. Chrissy - because of our financial situation the past few months, i've had to watch things on my wishlist sell out left and right. it's really no fun at all! so i know how you feel to have to let go of something that you want so badly. at the moment, i'm sitting here pouting about the two-wheeler dress (#1 item on my wishlist) being out of stock in my size online and i'm even more sad because i'm pretty sure my husband is going to give me the smackdown if i even try and convince him to let me call CS on thursday (payday) to track it down.
    oh the sorrows of an anthro addict...