Friday, June 11, 2010

Unusual Accessory

Hi everyone, Happy Friday!!! I couldn't be more thrilled that another long, exhausting work week has drawn to a close. Anyone have any fun weekend plans?

As usual, I'm unwinding by kicking back and surfing the web for more pretty, unique items! Which brings me right back to my favorite haunt, Anthropologie, only THIS time, I decided to be a little daring and check out the jewelry.;) I generally only buy dresses and the occasional top from Anthro, so I feel as though I'm branching out a little bit here.:)

Anyhow, I came across this BEAUTIFUL creation called the After the Revolution Necklace. It comes in three lovely shades, but I'm drawn to the pale blue version the most.

I think this piece is just lovely. I can see this adding some visual interest to even the most casual summertime ensemble. It's made of wood, beads, and lace, so it definitely has an artsy vibe. Those of you who prefer plain gold and silver necklaces may be a little put off, but I always tend to go for things that are a little (or a LOT) different than the usual. I hope my local store has this one in stock so I can check it out in person!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Check back soon for some new fitting room reviews, as I plan to hit up the Rockefeller Anthro tomorrow, time permitting.

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