Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Hi readers, how are you? Sorry I've been MIA these past few days. I have some company in town and I'm running all over, showing off the sites and sounds of beautiful New York City!!!!

Of course, a little sightseeing/tour guide activity doesn't put a stop to my shopping. I haven't been overly blown away by the June Anthropologie offerings, so I've been looking around the web at different sites, scoping out the fashion finds. ModCloth is really cranking out some cuties lately!!!! I picked up this adorable dress that FINALLY came back in stock, PLUS this gorgeous green top that they just added to their site last night.

About the Author Dress

Greensleeves Top

How about you guys, get anything good lately? Did you hit up the sale at Anthropologie today?


  1. Love that author dress. I actually saw a dress on Modcloth today that I want, it's called 'Into the Wildflowers Dress', it's so freakin cute! Let me know how the quality is.

  2. I love that dress! You have to post pictures when you get it. I bet it will be so cute on you.
    I was lucky today at Anthro because not only did they have the two sale skirts that I wanted, but my mom was with me and insisted on buying them for me! :-)

  3. Sara, that Wildflowers Dress is adorable!

    Debbie, that is so awesome! Which skirts did you get??