Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Fitting Room Reviews

Hello ladies, how are you? Everyone enjoying their weekend so far? Just finished up a fabulous dinner at my fave Mexican restaurant, and now the boyfriend and I are going to kick back and watch a movie. Pretty low key evening, just what I need after a hectic week at work.

I managed to squeeze in a quick trip down to Anthropologie this afternoon, and boy, I did not regret it. You see, ladies, I've been stalking the Time Gone By Dress online and it wasn't appearing at my local store. Well, lo and behold, it finally showed up today and it's the first item I grabbed en route to the fitting room. Hell, I spotted that baby halfway across the sales floor and practically sprinted over to scout out my size. Sure enough, a zero was hanging gracefully and my grabby little hands scooped it up right away. I picked up a few more newish items and was on my way to the fitting room.

Girls, I cannot even tell you how much I LOVE the Time Gone By Dress! Seriously, it's gotten such mixed reviews, so I didn't know how I would feel. Admittedly, it might not be the most vibrant color against my creamy white complexion, but this dress is simply gorgeous! Unlike many other bloggers, I actually DO see that it has a slight peach undertone. It's not a cream or ivory to me, but rather a mixture of the shades. Anyone wearing this dress would benefit from a liberal use of self-tanner, but it is so damn flattering!

First up, the details...the ruffle sleeves fall perfectly around the upper arms, and I just adore the hemline with the black trim. As others have noted, this really has a Chanel-esque vibe to it. The size 0 was perfect. I honestly felt that the dress was cut for my body, which is not always the case with Anthro dresses. My narrow frame can get lost in the extra pouf and exaggerated A-line designs at times.

I cannot wait to get paid, because I'm snapping this one up immediately! I'm already picturing the perfect shoes, handbag, and of course, the most gorgeous vintage necklace to accessorize this with.

Next item up is the Vagabond Dress. I've been eyeing this one for weeks, as it's looked good on nearly every blogger who's reviewed it so far. I tried the XS blue version and I adore this one, as well.

It's a very nice, swingy, somewhat thick material, and the ocean blue color is just stunning. I love the way the fabric drapes and folds throughout the bodice, and it's the perfect dress to wear from the office to drinks with the girls. Definitely Wish Listed for me.

While whizzing around the store, I also came across a new Deletta t-shirt that I don't see online yet. It's gorgeous, featuring a soft, mint green color and cascading ruffles down the front. It would work well by itself or as a layering piece. The only downside is the sheer material. Seriously, I don't get it, why make a top that's transparent? Limits where you can wear it, not to mention most folks don't feel comfortable displaying their bra to the world. You'd definitely need to throw a thin cami on underneath this.

P.S. Excuse the fact that I have the freakin' Vagabond dress rolled down as the "skirt" in this photo...note to self, always bring some sort of skirt into the fitting room when reviewing tops. Since I wore a dress to the store, I had no other option available. This is a PG blog, after all.;)

Last, I've been reading good reviews for the Hello Sunday Blazer, so I really hoped it would work out for me. I had dreamy images of Audrey Hepburn in a classic, tailored jacket floating through my mind when I put this on. The image staring back at me in the mirror was not Audrey, however, but something very different.

Honestly, I know that some of you adore this piece, but I felt ridiculous in it. I think I look like an escaped convict, a clown, or hell, the Cheshire Cat!!! Seriously, this is one loud jacket. On a positive note, the jacket is very well-constructed and had a very nice fit (I tried on the XS). It's a quality blazer, just not something that I would ever, ever wear in my daily life.

I'll leave off with a quick photo or 2 of my new Nordstrom Maggy London Dress. Such a fun piece to wear. The vibrant colors are perfect for a nice summer day.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!


  1. I love the Vagabond dress on you so much! It looks so classy, but perfect for hot summer days. I'm a little sad about the $138 price tag, so this is going to have to be wishlisted for a sale on my end.
    Hope you're having a good night. What movie did you watch? We just saw 'The Brothers Bloom' - it was really good!

  2. I agree, the price is a bit high on the Vagabond dress, but I love it so much! Damn Anthro and their high prices. I will probably pick it up at the end of the month, though, since I think it's an item that I'll be able to wear for a long time.

    Ooo, I want to see that movie! Glad it was good! We saw "What Happens in Vegas," lol.

  3. The Time Gone By Dress looks amazing on you! I'm so glad too, because you and I have very similar bodies, and usually like the same dresses! I'm hoping it looks as good on me!
    I also love that mint green tee and need it immediately!!! Do you recall how much it was?
    I hate the sheerness of Anthro tees lately, but I think tucking into a skirt will solve that :-)

  4. Hey Kim, I ran down and picked up the TGB dress just now. They only had one zero left and I just had to grab it. I was obsessing about it all day and evening yesterday.:)

    That mint green tee was $58. It's by Deletta and the SKU number is 18474916. I still don't see it online, but I'm sure it will pop up soon. As soon as I saw it, I thought of you and your adoration of mint green items!

    Hope Simon is doing better today!

  5. those dresses are all adorable and look great on you!

  6. That TGB dress is perfection on you! You must get it.

  7. The Time Gone By dress is lovely on you! I can't wait to try it on myself sometime soon. I also really like the Vagabond dress. That blue color is so pretty.

  8. I dislike that blazer, so I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way! It's so cartoony. It looks good on you, however, as do all of the dresses, especially the first one.

  9. I love the diletta shirt and the vagabond dress on you! I think the key thing is that you might be taller than me (I'm 5'5") and the time gone by dress works better on taller people (like Kathryn from Pursuit of Pretty Things who's 5'7"). :)

  10. The Time Gone By Dress looks so cute on you. I think it's adorable but I think the color would wash me out to much.

  11. you pull off the time gone by dress SOOO well. i have fair skin so i worry it won't do the same. let's hope!!

  12. I love the blazer too, but better on the hanger. I am a stripes fanatic, but just don't see myself wearing a blazer that loud either. I didn't even bother to try it on. I think it would be better if it were shorter and 3/4 sleeves. I hate when they mess up stripes that way! I am thinking of starting a blog myself; I love Anthro as much as you do!