Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Purchases

Hi, my lovely readers! Hope you all had a great day. We're slowly inching our way through the work week. We can make it, I know we can!;)

Just wanted to share 2 new purchases that I made today. Of course, both items are Anthropologie pieces!!!!!

First is Bordeaux's Buds & Bunches Tee in the Sky color. I've been lusting after this for ages now, but couldn't justify the full $58 price for a tee, no matter how cute. Then, it went on sale, and I still didn't buy it...but after seeing it on so many bloggers, I just had to take the plunge today. It really is a beautiful little top for summer. What a gorgeous color and the details are amazing. Definitely a feminine little twist on a basic summer tank top.

My other purchase is this gorgeous Lingering Rays Skirt by Yoana Baraschi. I honestly didn't think much of it based on the website photo, but then the beautiful Tien from Adiaphane wore this recently, and I began to understand the possibilities...it's lovely!! I normally stick to longer skirts, since my workplace is pretty conservative, but I just had to grab this for after-hours and weekend fun. Not sure what top to pair it with, but I'm sure I'll have fun styling this piece.

How about you guys, did anyone buy anything cute today?


  1. I didn't buy anything today but I'm anxiously waiting for my order with the Buds & Bunches to arrive. I think it's so cute! I hadn't noticed that skirt before, will have to check it out.

  2. Hey, I bought the Buds & Bunches Tee in the Sky as well! but I snatched it right away when it went on sale last week as some finals-week-stress-relief;)
    cannot wait to see how you style it~ I have not got to wear it yet as it has been pretty wet and cool in Chicago for the past few days~
    I wanted the climbing cowl neck T in sky as well: tried it on in store but even the XS fits huge>-< the color and the neckline is really pretty though~

  3. I did!! I bought the Chantico tank finally and the Camilla dress- there was a ton fo stuff I wanted, but I HAD to narrow it down :-( haha