Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Fashion Finds

Hey, readers, happy, happy Friday!!! I am so excited that the weekend is finally upon us. Anyone have any good plans? Shopping? BBQs? Maybe a little beach time?

I think I'm going to head out to the shore myself. There's nothing I like better than being near the ocean. The gentle breezes, rolling waves, and the feeling of sand between my toes...I'm getting super relaxed just envisioning it.

Well, guys, I did some shopping from the cube farm this morning. Yes, I occasionally get a little downtime at work, so I always scour the web for cute clothes. I came across this lovely new top from ModCloth and decided to snap it up right away!

I think it's gorgeous! The lovely, deep shade of violet/blue is nicely offset by the delicate ivory embroidery around the collar. Plus, look at those ruffled sleeves! Swoon! An ivory bow cinches the waist to create the perfect fit. LOVE THIS and can't wait for it to arrive!

Will You Be My Shine Top

Next, I came across an amazing Ebay find, this ivory floral cutout embroidery skirt by Hazel for Anthropologie. I can't say that I remember this one at all (Anyone know what year Anthro sold this???), but how perfect would this be with the new top featured above? You know I had to buy it, as well...

Well, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


  1. great finds- those two pieces are perfect together. Enjoy the shore- it's gonna be HOT this weekend ;)

  2. Wow, the color of that shirt is beautiful and that skirt is so cute! I have never ordered anything from Modcloth but I'm always lurking on there looking for something awesome.

  3. cute top--it's identical to the leifsdottir gulliver's blouse that anthro carried last year..just a different print! modcloth sure loves to rip off anthro designs! i might check out this one for myself though...enjoy!

  4. That skirt is gorgeous! I don't rememberr it either, but I don't know how I missed it. :)

  5. that skirt is such a great score - beautiful!

    also, i think it's pretty awesome that you get enough time to do online shopping at work! i think a lot of people would be super jealous.

  6. Anonymous --- Wow, you're so right, it IS the identical design of that Leifsdottir top!!!! I thought this looked familiar, lol. Hey, this version was only $36, as opposed to the $200 or more that Leifsdottir normally charges, so I did pretty well. ModCloth definitely is "inspired by" Anthro fashion, to be sure!!

    Aimee -- Believe it or not, my job is generally insanely busy, but I do get those rare moments when I manage to surf online.:) I'm super quick at entering credit card info, too!:)

  7. The great thing about having your own office is that no one can see your computer...which I'm grateful for. :) That is definitely a cute top. Love the color and the sleeves.

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