Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Wishes and Dreams

Hey guys, how's it going? Hope you're all having a lovely week thus far.

Wow, Anthropologie continues to churn out the pretties this season, don't they? Lookie here at this ADORABLE new Floreat Secret Garden Blouse. I am so in love with this! The embroidery is just gorgeous!

This one shot up very high on my Wish List. I just hope that it fits me well, as I am sometimes sized out of Anthro blouses.

Another super pretty item that caught my eye is this feminine little number by Robin, the Baby's Breath Dress. This one hasn't gotten much love in the blog world, but I think it's beautiful! I love the pattern and it's a very unusual shade of green. The only thing that gives me pause is the elastic waistband. This could be good or terrible, so I'll definitely need to try this one on before bringing it home.

Finally, another lovely blogger brought to my attention the fact that Lil's Caballo Falls Dress is now back in a brilliant navy blue shade. I loved the original turquoise version, but I like this one even better! Reminds me of Van Gogh's "Starry Night" painting for some reason.:)

Help, my wallet can't take it anymore! All this temptation...:)


  1. I flipped when I saw the Secret Garden Blouse today too! It's so perfect. The embroidery, the ruffles, the pop of red....ahhhh, Anthro is trying to drain me of all my money.

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  3. Sara, isn't it gorgeous???? I'm already figuring out how I can get this NOW!!!

  4. I LOVE the Secret Garden Blouse!! So pretty!

  5. I just hope it's as spectacular in person as it is online.

  6. I bought Lil's caballo falls dress, I love it! The color and fit are both so flattering!
    I love so many things at Anthro; it is so frustrating not having a job right now! I'm in nursing school, but hopefully in a year I will have a great job!