Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Quick Post: Blog Sale!

Hey guys, just dropping in for a brief post tonight. Have to be up super early tomorrow, but I am putting this beautiful little ModCloth dress up for sale. It's a size medium and I've decided that I really need the small, but before I return the larger size, I thought I'd give my readers a chance to get it before it's gone.;) It's truly an adorable little dress, but it's a bit too big in the bust/waist for my taste. (I made the mistake of taking the advice of reviewers instead of going with my usual size small.)

Selling for $50 shipped. Any takers? Please email me at chrissieb@att.net if you're interested!

Have a wonderful night!


  1. Aww I'm sorry this dress didn't work for you! I hope you get to exchange it soon so you can show it off to us!

  2. Chrissie, ModCloth sizing baffles me. I *NEVER* get my size right. The reviews are not helpful in this regard. The dress, however, is beyond cute. Are you getting the small?

  3. I read a lot of reviews that said to size up due to a tight bust, but the small would have worked regardless. It's already on its way to me.:)

  4. Cat, I did order the small today...the dress is so adorable, much cuter in person, and pretty decent quality (since some people find ModCloth quality lacking). I just have to pay attention to measurements and stop reading the reviews, because they're not accurate.

  5. Oh i was looking at this dress on modcloth as well and was confused about their sizing.

    glad to hear this one had better quality. it's a lovely dress.

  6. Too cute! Love your blog!



  7. Thanks, Jess, I love your blog, as well.:)