Thursday, June 24, 2010

Swooning over here...

Hey readers, hope you breezed through your Thursday! One more day and then the weekend is upon us once again. YAY!:)

Wow, I am just beside myself with joy over the new Anthropologie offerings that appeared online today! The pieces are so amazingly gorgeous and beautiful! I feel like I'm seeing more "old school" Anthro items lately. I really fell in love with their clothing between 2005-2006 and feel that some of the latest looks harken back to that time period.

Anyway, I am simply swooning over these 2 dresses, in particular...

Manor Gates Dress by Floreat

How pretty is this little dress? Featuring lush florals, amazing shades of blue, a beautifully embellished neckline, and the most gorgeous embroidered waistband...I absolutely MUST own this piece! It has completely knocked the Nathalie Lete dresses off my radar forever (since I AM trying to stick to a budget, after all).

Violet Gloaming Dress by Moulinette Soeurs

Another breathtaking beauty by one of my favorite Anthro designers, this dress features vivid hues of purple and pink and the most amazing landscape. The ruffled sleeves are a sweet touch, as well. This one is super pricey at $268, but somehow I will bring this one home. I really will!

What new items are you guys head over heels in love with??


  1. There's been a lot of formal dresses recently huh? Is Anthro getting ready for the fall/holidays already? Those dresses are truly pretty! Btw, did you decide on which dress to get from yesterday's post?

  2. Cindi, I'm going to pass on the Sweetbriar Dress, because it finally came in and the fit is just not to my liking. So crazy poufy, but not much room for the "girls." I am waiting on that bird dress, but have decided to only buy it if and when it goes on sale.

  3. Those are pretty dresses! I also really like the Hallowed Halls Oxfords and the Sugar & Cream Dress. I'm interested to see the Luminous Graphite skirt and Fine Line skirt in person too.

  4. Ooh ooh, Mullany Dress - Vestiges Dress - Mullany Dress - Vestiges Dress! Summer JUST started, argh ...

  5. Oh that's too bad the sweetbriar dress didn't work out. Isn't it interesting how that is? I could have sworn you were going to love it once you tried it on. Now you can save your budget for one of the lovelies you posted above! :)

  6. Lisa, I also love the Mullany Dress, but I know I'd never have anyplace to wear that.

    Cindi, I did like the Sweetbriar Dress in theory, but I prefer more fitted dresses and I decided that I wouldn't really be able to wear it many places.

  7. Chrissy the second dress is just dreamily beautiful~ I'd love to see it on you!
    for me I often so feel that often times Anthro puts on such gorgeous items that are a marvel to look at, but the patterns may just be too loud for me to wear ... to school? ;-P

  8. IrisDolls -- Isn't it gorgeous??? Sigh, wish it were a bit less expensive, but it's one of those unique pieces that I ADORE!

    I agree, Anthro prints can be a bit loud, and they aren't for everyone, but I always like to stand out from the crowd, lol. I work in a conservative environment (Boo!!!), so my clothing allows me to express an element of creativity in my daily life. I can see how this would never work in a school setting, though.

  9. The Manor Gates is somehow going to find a way into my closet. I love sheer necklines!

  10. I am crazy about the Compeer Dress, however, I am not crazy about the price tag. I think it will be a great dress for fall and winter. I barely own anything in the red, orange, or pink categories but am slowly being turned on to those color palettes.